Planet Tree Music Festival


Its aims are to support: music that has an approachable tonality and a sense of the internal dimension. performers and composers who understand engagement with the dialogue between silence and sound, with the energy behind sound. Rather than making gestures at mental and/or emotional levels. Composers I have put forward include Alan Hovhaness, Jean Catoire, Terry Riley, Kaikhosru Sorabji, as well as colleagues here: James D'Angelo, Keith Barnard and myself.


The festival has a small number of quite idiosyncratic aims, working within the general field of contemporary concert music. Music that is contemporary but harmonious, experimental yet accessible. The more tonal end of the spectrum, less than the more aggressive, more predominantly intellectual aspects. Music that deals dominantly with the brighter side of musical expression. Music of long duration is especially favoured. In 1998, the UK premiere of "For Philip Guston" (4 hours long) by Morton Feldman was presented. Under-recognised composers - particularly those who have sought beauty and the innovative at the expense of "career" as a composer. Music linking with other artistic media, eg with poets, painters, with computer graphics. Links with other musical genres, eg Indian or Moroccan ethnic music, or with jazz, rock or other idioms, but not to dilute the main aim as one of new concert music.


"Uncompromising in its artistic integrity, this festival is a rare and cherished event" - Terry Riley


".....the ever progressive Planet Tree Music Festival." - The Observer





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