The Sit In section of the METHOD MUSIC mini-site allows the original Sitters from The Lifehouse Method portraiture website to share the unique pieces of audio that were generated through the Method. A crucial element of METHOD MUSIC and the “Lifehouse” story itself, the portraiture system that yielded these pieces and the individuals behind them represent a realization of Pete Townshend’s expansive, challenging, and inspired musical vision.

If you are one of the sitters from the Lifehouse Method website, we invite you to upload your audio to share with the public. Your upload will publish immediately to the widget below.

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    "In the unfolding of 'Lifehouse,' there is no 'now'...We wait patiently for the singularity to catch up to us."
    - Pete Townshend in Uncut

    "...a monumental two-disc set...wondrous, rippling, and startlingly tactile music."
    - Pitchfork

    "...their arrangements are fiercely intelligent...Conceptually, it's a masterpiece drenched in futurist qualities that's capable of stunning those who unravel its layers..."
    - The Silent Ballet