Su Chen-Hsin was born in Chiayi City, Taiwan in 1989. He is a licensed doctor who graduated from the Department of Medicine at China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan, in 2015. Su has been in psychiatry residency training programs at the Taoyuan Psychiatric Center, Taiwan since August 2017.

Music has always been a way for Su to express and record emotions. He began to compose music in college, and held a personal piano recital of the Liszt track (including B minor sonata) in the university’s auditorium in May 2012. During 2016-2017, he had two published works, States of Mind and Wanders, including concert etudes in all 24 keys.

In recent years, in addition to his busy residency, he still spends his relatively free time composing music, and especially enjoys creating piano pieces. He has been awarded international composition competitions, including honorable mention given by Maestro Artur Cimirro in the 4th Opus Dissonus Competition, finalist status for Contemporary Atonal Category in 10th Fidelio piano composition competition, Extraordinary Talent Award in Rodrigo Landa-Romero International Composition Competition 2020.


Sustain Vol. 2

Release Date: April 23, 2021
Catalog Number: NV6345
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Piano Trio
Two years after the release of SUSTAIN comes the long-anticipated follow-up, SUSTAIN VOL. 2. This fresh collection of works centered around the piano includes a range of contemporary compositional styles: tonal, atonal, and everything in between. This volume features a new cast of composers and performers, with contributions by Sarah Wallin-Huff, Karen Tarlow, Chen-Hsin Su, Bill Sherrill, Jim Puckett, Ron Nagorcka, Gordon Monahan, Kenneth A. Kuhn, Santiago Kodela, John Craven, and John A. Carollo. The album’s varied soundscapes and arrangements—including solo piano, piano and saxophone, and piano and strings—constantly surprise and delight the ear. A fitting sequel to the first installment, SUSTAIN VOL. 2 is steeped in the dynamic complexity piano music offers.