Storytelling is an important aspect in much of the music of American composer Christine Jancarz. Her recognizable melodies and rhythms are similar to the main characters of a novel, and along with aspects such as orchestration attempt to convey a narrative. Recurring melodies and rhythms are easily identifiable; like characters in a book, they become familiar. Much of her music is influenced by rock, jazz, and classical styles. She also frequently uses counterpoint, and mathematical concepts in her works, such as her Melodic Matrix series for solo instruments. 

Jancarz began playing piano by ear at a young age in her hometown of Kalamazoo MI. She taught herself to read music and began writing songs in her early life. She began formal composition and piano studies at college, studying music composition with Ramon Zupko. She earned a Bachelor and Master of Music in Composition from Western Michigan University. 

While working on her Master of Music degree she was asked to study in Prague with the noted Czech composer Ladislav Kubik. Her composition, Collection of 5 Pieces for Flute and Piano, was performed at the Dvorak Museum in Prague, Czech Republic. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Prague, she wrote her Piano Trio during her time there. 

Jancarz went on to earn a D.M.A. in Music Composition from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. While there she won the Concerto Competition, and had her work, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, performed by the University of Miami Symphony Orchestra. 

Jancarz studied conducting at the University of Miami with Thomas Sleeper. Later going on to conduct as a Fellow at both the Conductors Institute of South Carolina, and Conducting Institute at Bard College. A chamber orchestra arrangement of her work Symphonic Imagery was performed in a concert at Bard College. Symphonic Imagery is a work that has eight short pieces based on poetry and piano pieces that Jancarz wrote. Most are about some of Jancarz’s life experiences; everything from a clock at her grandparents house, to her favorite Star Trek episode, to life in Miami. Jancarz also enjoys writing short stories and poetry. Currently, she is writing a fantasy/fiction novel based on her opera libretto from Fate of the Wolf.


Dimensions Vol. 5

Dimensions Vol. 5

Release Date: July 28, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6542
21st Century
Hot on the heels of its preceding installments, DIMENSIONS VOL. 5 from Navona Records highlights the works of seven celebrated composers. These orchestral pieces showcase a broad range of innovative compositional styles featuring traditional and modern influences, drawing inspiration from an opera about a mystical wolf, moments of uncertainty and reflection in life, the music of Handel, and traditional Latvian folk music, just to name a few. Leveraging musical passion and orchestral ferocity, DIMENSIONS VOL. 5 offers listeners a broad example of some of the most exciting work in contemporary orchestral music.