Clive Muncaster was born on January 24, 1936. At the young age of 15, he was accepted into the Royal Academy of Music where he studied violin, piano, composition, and conducting, and earned his Royal Academy of Music Licentiate Diploma (LRAM). In the 1960s Chandos Music published some of his compositions, which received many broadcasts in England and Germany.

He married his first wife, Ursula Brotherton-Ratcliffe, in 1959, and ended up with five boys. The family moved from London to Charlbury, Oxfordshire, in 1964. His brother, Martin Muncaster, was working as a newscaster for the BBC, and read all the famous tributes to Sir Winston Churchill, who died on Clive’s birthday! Clive established the Churchill Memorial Concerts at Blenheim Palace a year later, and conducted his orchestra, The Oxford Chamber Ensemble, with members of the Oxford Choral Society taking part in the first concert. His brother re-read the worldwide tributes. The concert was a success!  Clive conducted the concerts for the first six years. The tradition of having a speaker at each concert continued with nationally and internationally famous politicians taking part.

In 1970, a chance meeting with the director of the music therapy program at Florida State University (FSU) resulted in Clive becoming a registered American Music Therapist (RMT). This led to his permanent move to the USA. At FSU, 1973, Clive earned his Masters Degree (MM) in composition. Years later, he earned his Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UM-KC), also in composition. Clive conceived the idea of founding “The Music Therapy Charity” U.K. which became established in 1969, celebrating its 50th year in 2019.

He moved to Washington D.C. where he wrote the film score for a Smithsonian documentary followed by a move to Lynchburg, VA. He ended up as conductor of the Liberty University Symphony Orchestra before retiring to Princeton NJ in 1993 to live with his second wife, Dulcie Bull.


Moto Celeste

Release Date: January 24, 2020
Catalog Number: NV6266
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Piano Trio
In MOTO CELESTE, the fifth installment in Navona Records’ MOTO series, the internationally-acclaimed Trio Casals takes on eight new works by eight preeminent composers. It is an electrifying collection, full of drama and adventure. The compositions borrow from an eclectic array of musical traditions, including rhumba and flamenco music. MOTO CELESTE is forged into a cohesive work by the trio’s sensitive and highly-organic performances.

Legends and Light

Release Date: October 12, 2018
Catalog Number: NV6187
21st Century
Large Ensemble
PARMA Recordings presents LEGENDS & LIGHT, a compilation album featuring works by composers Hans Bakker, Jan Järvlepp, Clive Muncaster, and Shirley Mier. Each has a different, unique story to tell, and the narratives are brought to life by the orchestra and string ensemble.

Moto Bello

Release Date: May 11, 2018
Catalog Number: NV6156
21st Century
Piano Trio
Navona Records and the acclaimed ensemble Trio Casals proudly present MOTO BELLO, the next chapter in the moving series that brought 2015’s MOTO CONTINUO and MOTO PERPETUO in 2013. Living up to its name, MOTO BELLO, or “beautiful motion,” is a collection celebrating the synergy of Trio Casals and the vibrant works of ten contemporary composers including Diane Jones, Beth Mehocic, David N. Stewart, Sidney Bailin, L Peter Deutsch, Giovanni Piacentini, Adrienne Albert, Clive Muncaster, Joanne D. Carey, and Bruce Babcock.


Release Date: February 9, 2018
Catalog Number: NV6141
21st Century
Navona Records is proud to present PRISMA, a compilation featuring four contemporary composers from the United States and England including Lionel Sainsbury, Clive Muncaster, Patricia Julien, and J. A. Kawarsky. PRISMA spans the spectrum of unique styles of composition, from the grandiose and triumphant to the fragile and tender. This compilation captures a journey through colorful orchestral elements in a singular listening experience that builds into a thrilling sound.