Deborah Kavasch

photo: Courtesy of Stanislaus State

Deborah Kavasch, composer, soprano, specialist in extended vocal techniques, and music educator, has had works commissioned and performed in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and China. She has received grants and residencies in composition and performance, was a 1987 Fulbright Senior Scholar to Stockholm, and has appeared in major international music centers and festivals in concerts, solo recitals, workshops, lecture/demonstrations, and television and radio broadcasts since 1981. 

Kavasch’s compositions have been described as “electrifying” (Synapse), “splendidly diabolical” (ILWC Journal), and illustrating a “virtuosic sound picture” (Bremen Weser Kurier). Her compositional output features much solo vocal chamber music, choral works, instrumental solo and chamber music, wind ensemble and orchestral compositions, and opera.  Her Lost Voices, recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, was released in 2022 on the Navona Records label. A recent commission from Opera Modesto, The Race, an Aesop’s fables mashup, was premiered as an international award-winning film due to the ban on live performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her current Opera Modesto commission, Annabel, a chamber opera based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee, is scheduled for a January 2023 premiere.

Kavasch is distributed by Forrests Music and is recorded on Lovely Records, Composers Recordings, Inc., Cambria Recordings, TNC Classical, Everglade Records, Soundset Recordings, and Navona Records.  She holds degrees in German and Music Theory/Composition from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, and a Ph.D. in Music from the University of California, San Diego. A faculty member since 1979 and Department Chair from 2006-2016, Kavasch is Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music Theory/Composition at California State University, Stanislaus.


Symphonic Chronicles Vol I

Release Date: April 28, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6519
21st Century
SYMPHONIC CHRONICLES VOL I from Navona Records features the works of celebrated living composers from a wide variety of backgrounds and influences. Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the music touches on topics ranging from jazz to the COVID pandemic, racial injustice, and more. Steve Law’s melodic and rhythmic Piano Concerto draws inspiration from Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, and Prokofiev while assimilating the influences of jazz, pop, and minimalism. In Barbara Jazwinski’s Fantasy on Jazz, the composer meditates on the complex and ever-evolving music of New Orleans. Simon Andrews’ Interlude No. 3 from “The Scars On His Back” recounts the story of legendary Native American freedom fighter Po’pay, and the revolt against the Spanish colonists he helped inspire. These examples are just a taste of the evocative works found on SYMPHONIC CHRONICLES VOL I.

Legends and Light Vol. 2

Release Date: January 14, 2022
Catalog Number: NV6399
21st Century
LEGENDS AND LIGHT VOL. 2 from Navona Records leaves no stone unturned. From the vast expansiveness of the open sea to the microscopic particles of our world's chemical makeup, this follow-up to 2018’s LEGENDS AND LIGHT is an ambitious collection of new works for large ensemble performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Brno Philharmonic. In this album, seven composers offer their insights into the components of our world through music, with works highlighting cultures, locations, forces of nature, and human life. While many of the pieces are arranged for orchestral ensembles, listeners will also find Scottish Great Highland bagpipes and Irish Uilleann pipes featured on the album, offering a deeply rewarding listening experience.