Denice Rippentrop believes that composing is a craft that is as much about the creative journey as the final composition itself. Rippentrop is the creator of numerous choral works, each of which she finds challenging in process, but fulfilling in the end. Composing gives her energy and purpose as she continually challenges herself to write with integrity and compassion. Rippentrop writes with a style and flair that reflects her understanding of the voice and ensemble balance.

Rippentrop has received many honors throughout her extensive choral career. She was honored by the Foundation of Sacred Choral Music for her composition, People, Ponder the Cross, as 2nd place winner of the International Sacred Music Composers Competition. She was a Semi-Finalist in the American Prize Competition in the Professional Division for her mixed chorus piece Take Wings and Soar, and as a Finalist for the Ernst Bacon Memorial Award for her piece God Jehovah. Her works have been performed and broadcasted in the United States and abroad.

Rippentrop has a music education degree from the University of South Dakota and a MALS degree from Hamline University. She was presented the Best Synthesis Award upon graduation. Rippentrop continued her study of composition at the University of Minnesota, obtaining over 60 graduate credits and studying composition at Arizona State University. She has also studied composition with Libby Larsen, Dr. Dominick Argento, Dr. Paul Fetler, and Dr. Jody Rockmaker.

“Rippentrop’s music unfailingly works from the spirit outward-beginning with the soul and singing through the words.” – Libby Larson, GRAMMY Winning Composer



Voices of Earth and Air Vol IV

Release Date: September 9, 2022
Catalog Number: NV6465
21st Century
Vocal Music
Navona Records presents VOICES OF EARTH AND AIR VOL IV, a choral celebration of the human commonality we find within music. Featuring the works of six seasoned composers, each piece tells a sentimental story unique to each composer, fitting together like puzzle pieces and demonstrating the connective qualities of the human voice. Brought to life by Prague’s Kühn Choir, these choral works are sure to entrance and entice listeners with flowing tonality and artful text settings that demonstrate the powerful storytelling capabilities that vocal music wields.