Diane Maltester is a renowned musician and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a talented clarinetist who has showcased her exceptional musical skills in a variety of orchestral settings. Maltester has wowed audiences with her expressive and lyrical interpretations in orchestras such as the cutting-edge Oakland Symphony, and the progressive Festival Opera, Bay Philharmonic, and Vallejo Symphony. Maltester’s contributions extend beyond her orchestral endeavors. She is active as a Bay Area soloist and chamber music performer and a regular member of Clarinet Fusion, a clarinet choir which performed at the 2022 International Clarinetfest.

She is highly regarded as an educator, sharing her extensive knowledge and expertise with aspiring musicians. Maltester has held faculty positions at various colleges in the region. She is a professor emeritus at Los Medanos College and St. Mary’s College, and currently is the clarinet professor at California State University East Bay and Diablo Valley College and has an active private studio. Her passion for teaching and mentorship inspires the next generation of clarinetists, nurturing their talents and fostering their growth.

Maltester served as the co-conductor of the Diablo Wind Symphony, a prestigious Bay Area youth honor band, for 27 years and held the position of Northern Woodwind Chairperson for the Music Teachers’ Association of California, highlighting her dedication to the musical community.

As an accomplished performer and educator, Maltester continues to make significant contributions to the world of music. Her latest album, WILD SWANS, showcases the works of Bay Area composer Nancy Bachmann. Released in August 2023, this exciting album will undoubtedly captivate listeners and further establish Diane Maltester’s reputation as a remarkable musician.


Wild Swans

Wild Swans

Release Date: August 11, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6547
21st Century
Vocal Music
Diane Maltester and Nancy Bachmann take listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey with WILD SWANS. Contemporary composer Nancy Bachmann’s exquisite music entices listeners with an artist’s pallet of expressive and progressive sounds. Released under Navona Records, this extraordinary album showcases Bachmann’s compositions for the superbly talented clarinetist, Diane Maltester. WILD SWANS takes flight through compositions for voice, woodwind quintet, trios, duos, and unaccompanied clarinet. The wings of Bachmann’s imaginative energy and Maltester’s interpretive virtuosity transport the listener to beautiful and exotic destinations. As one explores the transcendent compositions on WILD SWANS Bachmann’s brilliance and versatility shine through on every track, illuminated by the extraordinary artistry of Maltester and all her collaborators. A captivating mix of wildness and grace!