Edward Harts music has been performed in the United States, Latin America, Africa, and Europe including performances in New York, Los Angeles, Kiev, Vienna, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Boston, and at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Reviewers have described his music as “mesmerizingly rich,” “clearly visual,” and “an accessible style that clearly communicates to audiences.” His works include concerti for violin, piano, string quartet, guitar, various orchestral works, chamber music, solo piano compositions, choral music, and art songs. Ensembles that have performed his music include the Kiev Philharmonic, Arpeggione Chamber Orchestra (Austria), Orquesta de Baja California, Philharmonica de Montevideo, Symphony of the Americas, Charleston Symphony, Lviv Philharmonic, and the Harlem, Shanghai, and Arabella quartets. He has received many commissions from ensembles and performers in the United States and internationally, and has served as Composer in Residence of the Charleston Symphony. Hart’s choral music is published by Colla Voce.

In addition to music, he has a passion for the outdoors and salt-water fishing. Hart is married to novelist Beth Webb Hart with whom he has two children, Frances and Edward.

Hart is a native of Charleston SC and holds a doctorate from the University of South Carolina where his primary composition teacher was Gordon “Dick” Goodwin.  He is a faculty member at The College of Charleston.


Under an Indigo Sky

Release Date: March 3, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6497
21st Century
String Quartet
Edward Hart’s UNDER AN INDIGO SKY features A Charleston Concerto and Under an Indigo Sky, two concertos that celebrate and reflect the history and culture of the Southeastern United States. A native of Charleston SC, Hart finds inspiration in the natural beauty and multicultural heritage of his homeland. A Charleston Concerto was written to commemorate the 350th Anniversary of the City of Charleston; it features a collaboration with the Charleston Symphony and the world-renowned Harlem Quartet. It takes an unflinching yet ultimately hopeful view of the city’s complex history over those three and a half centuries. Under an Indigo Sky for violin and orchestra is a musical love letter written to Hart’s geographical home. It explores both the physical splendor of the mountains and coast, but also the feel and “soul” of these breathtaking places.