Empire City Men’s Chorus is a forward-thinking, urban auditioned men’s chorus based in New York City. For over 27 years, ECMC’s high quality choral concert programming has brought countless audiences to their feet, made significant contributions to the tradition of men’s choral repertoire, and given back to its greater community through volunteer service, profit-sharing, and goodwill performances. Today, ECMC is much more than an avocational men’s chorus. It is a tight-knit community that values fraternity, musical excellence, and social justice. For many members and listeners, it is an extended family in music that has changed their lives for the better. Its membership reflects a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers, identifying not only with multiple racial and ethnic heritages, but also representing gay, bi-sexual, straight, and transgender identities.


All Is Mere Breath

Release Date: December 8, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6587
21st Century
Vocal Music
"Havel havalim hakol hevel," — “Merest breath, all is mere breath.” In the throes of lockdown, Nicholas Weininger found himself reflecting on this Hebrew verse; what is the nature of our collective life sustained on if not breath and breath alone? It was a breath robbed and convoluted during the COVID-19 pandemic: the ravaged breath of the afflicted, the fear of coming too close to the breath of another. Our world seemed to pause and take a breath, busy city streets gone barren amid our collective anxieties. Debuted and recorded by the Empire City Men’s Chorus, ALL IS MERE BREATH asks us to question the nature of our changed society in the thought of mere breath alone, and offers us refuge in the breath of song, perhaps, now and then, the purest form of it.