Eric Biddington was educated in his hometown of Timaru, New Zealand and in Christchurch at the University of Canterbury. He left school at 17 and got a job as an unskilled laborer, working simultaneously with his tertiary studies. Biddington has earned 5 degrees: a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music with Honors in Musical Composition, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in the Arts Faculty in History, and Bachelor of Science in the Science Faculty in Philosophy. He has been treated all his adult life by New Zealand Mental Health Services, and started writing music at age 16, a practice he continues to the present day. He lives quietly in Christchurch with Meg — his cat — following the death of his wife Elizabeth in 2020. Although he considers himself a luddite at heart, he lives in the modern world while deploring the features he sees as common to many modern societies: speed, greed, and a general disarray. He continues writing music today and hopes for something better for everyone



Release Date: December 10, 2021
Catalog Number: NV6404
21st Century
WINDPOWER from composer Eric Biddington highlights the versatility of the saxophone through the proficiency and musicality of the players, the Saxcess Quartet, in a collection of 11 original works. With multiple orchestrations and movements spanning 34 tracks, Biddington’s compositions are on full display with works for solo saxophone as well as sax trio and quartet. From tender and emotional to lush and energetic, Biddington’s compositions explore every nook and cranny of musical possibility. The dextrous and emotive performance by the Saxcess Quartet unites the pieces into a whole, providing a pleasing continuity throughout the varied arrangements and orchestrations.