Gregers Brinch was born in Denmark to a Danish father and American mother, but spent a substantial part of his childhood and, since returning from Germany in 1994, adulthood in the small village of Row in East Sussex, Great Brittain. At age 20 he felt himself catapulted into a full-blown dedication to the pursuit of musical composition being especially inspired by Mozart and Beethoven in particular whose works he discovered for the first time at this age. Composition would be for him a means by which to penetrate ever deeper into the being of music.

He studied singing and composition with Cecil Cope and later piano with concert pianist Louis Demetrius Alvanis in London, who encouraged him to apply to study at the Royal College of Music. Instead, he chose to study composition in Germany with Elmar Lampson the current President of Music of Hamburg College of Music. He graduated in 1992 with diplomas in composition and piano. He has become versed in creating new works for for the fully accomplished international soloist, as well as for lay-musicians without reading-skills.

‘The human Predicament’ as a theme continues to challenge and stimulate Brinch. In 1994 Dr. Michael Moll, Hamburg approached him with a request to compose songs to poems written by victims of the Holocaust. That work led to the writing of further songs in 2005 a number of which were performed in Laatzen in Germany at a Holocaust Memorial event in Sept 2008.

This theme finds its latest expression in a more recently completed work, entitled ‘The Word – black ‘n white’ for Choir and Chamber-ensemble to texts by St. John the Evangelist, Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Darwin and Brinch, which will be performed in the Uk in August 2009. Brinch’s works have been widely performed in the UK (including the Wigmore Hall) and Europe and the CD of his pianoworks ‘Blue Harmony’, recorded by internationally acclaimed pianist Diana Baker, has been well received both locally and internationally. 2 CDs of chamber works are being released by Claudio Records in the fall of 2009.


Harmonious Dissonance

Release Date: June 1, 2010
Catalog Number: NV5830
21st Century
Like the title suggests, Harmonious Dissonance offers a collection of works that are both jarring yet cohesive. As each piece comes together, it becomes clear that Brinch, Hall, Froom, and Brings are not afraid to challenge your ears or musical conventions.