“Guilherme Schroeter displays a pianist and compositional talent that meets and carries forward the work of the great artists of the Romantic era. His work is fresh and new but simultaneously full of history in each and every bar, and the craftsmanship displayed in his scores is certainly the work of a master of his instrument.”
– Bob Lord

Guilherme Schroeter was born May 16, 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Guilherme comes from a traditional family of musicians: his mother is a pianist; his father and brother are violinists; and his aunt, Olga Maria Schroeter, a famous opera singer.

Guilherme began his studies in 1967 with his mother, whose devotion to music and the piano inspired Guilherme to begin practicing the piano create his first compositions. At age seven Guilherme was able to give brief performances, and four years later his first composition was performed. The composition, A Celebration for Christmas, composed for a trio of musicians, was performed by Guilherme on the piano, flute and violin, his brother, award-winning Brazilian violinist Harry Oscar Schroeter, also on the violin, and his sister, Eveline Schroeter, (the former Miss Brazil), on the flute.

Guilherme had his eyes fixed on being a composer at that young age of seven and has not looked back. At 12 years old, Guilherme performed the famous Chopin Ballade no.1 in G minor (Op.23). Russian pianist Sergei Dorensky was very impressed by his talent.

Guilherme earned his graduate degree in 1988 at the Saint Mary University of Music in Brazil. He has studied with a variety of internationally acclaimed pianists, including Larry Fountain, Jõrg Demus, Peter Rõsel and Czeslaw Kscinsky. His awards are equally numerous, winning his first at 16 in Brazil, and going on to compete in the semi-finals in the International Piano Competition IV in Montevideo, Uruguay.

He has performed all over the world, from his native Brazil to Seattle, Washington in the United States, where he performed his acclaimed 29 Preludes (Op. 1) with great success to a wide audience.

Guilherme has composed over 200 classical works, including five piano concertos. In addition to composing in well known forms (concerto, sonata, fantasy, suite, prelude, fugue, rhapsody, scherzo, theme and variations, impromptu, ballad, nocturne, and etude), he has also been known to compose in his own innovative forms. He composes his masterworks with poetic preludes that cover the spectrum of emotion in the footsteps of the masters that came before him. His immense library of compositions comes to nearly 400 works. He continues to draw acclaim from his peers around the world.

Guilherme is currently visiting Los Angeles, California, to promote his music in the United States, and is actively composing and performing throughout the area.