photo: Eitan Tal

Hagai Yodan (b. 1985) is an Israeli pianist, vocalist, harpsichordist, and composer. His repertoire spans from early music to contemporary pieces, and he has collaborated with nearly 300 different composers. 

He dedicates the major part of his activity to recordings and appears on several albums: Light and Dark (the complete intermezzi by Brahms, HYM), Mozart’s Sonata for two pianos (with Dan Ettinger, Hänssler Classic), Piano 4-Play (Israeli and classical pieces for piano 4-hands and two pianos, with Herut Israeli, HYM), Forever to Remember (Israeli song cycles, with Sharon Rostorf-Zamir, Romeo Records), Song of Songs (Israeli contemporary art songs, with Reut Ventorero, IMI), and more. 

Future albums include 250 (one-minute long pieces by 250 Israeli composers), Voyages (Schubert’s fantasies), Jean Philippe (the complete Pieces pour clavecin by Rameau), The Unsung Hero (Lieder without voice), Quantum Mechanics (pieces for harpsichord and electronics), String Theory (pieces for piano strings only), and more. Hagai is also a photographer and writer.


The Human Condition

Release Date: February 10, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6501
20th Century
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Nothing has ever gripped intellectuals as firmly as reflections about the conditio humana, with all the perceptions, joys and miseries it entails. Israeli pianist and prolific recording artist Hagai Yodan sounds the depths of existence on his new release, THE HUMAN CONDITION, and with great panache. Featuring both piano and the harpsichord, Yodan skillfully navigates through the seas of Being as described by no fewer than six international composers. There is a persistent sense of melancholy, but also of truculence and a certain rage de vivre – an indomitable will to live. In this, THE HUMAN CONDITION isn't merely another contemplation; it's a self-assured declaration.