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Heidi Jacob’s music has been described by BBC Magazine as “compositions …of complex mesmerizing beauty,” by David Patrick Stearns of the Philadelphia Inquirer as “a musical adventurer,” and by Gramophone Magazine as music with “…..forthright expressiveness [that] exposes a multitude of stylistic associations.” A composer, cellist, and conductor, she is a graduate of both the Curtis Institute of Music and The Juilliard School, with a D.M.A. in composition from Temple University. She has performed as a cellist throughout the United States and Europe and has recorded as a cellist and conductor for the Capstone Records, Albany Records, and Navona Records. 

In 2016, Jacob’s Winter Light for solo violin and string orchestra was performed by I Solisti Veneti, conducted by Claudio Scimone. Her work for string orchestra, Many in One was commissioned by First Editions Chamber Orchestra and premiered in spring of 2016. Her compositions have been performed at Tania León’s Composers Now Festival, the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, by the Argento Ensemble, Earplay, Opus One: Berks Chamber Choir, Rutgers University’s Complex Weave: Women and Identity in Contemporary Art installation, Amphibian; New Music and Video HIArt Gallery, and The Stone in New York City. Instrumentalists who have performed her compositions include the Momenta String Quartet, the Hildegard Chamber Players, violinists Francesco d’orazio, Miranda Cuckson, and Barbara Govatos, cellists Jeffrey Solow, Michal Schmidt and Thalia Moore, flutists Mimi Stillman, Adeline Tomasone, Bart Feller, and Jeffrey Khaner, pianists Charles Abramovic, Marcantonio Barone, Jonathan Levin and Linda Yim, bassoonist Pascal Gallois and by Temple University’s Contemporary Music Ensemble. Her work for piano, Regard a Schubert: a Fantasy Impromptu, was a prizewinner in the International Alliance for Women in Music Competition. Jacob’s song cycle Beginning Again, can be heard on L’Ensemble’s album Poetry into Song. A recording of her compositions, Beneath Winter Light,  produced by PARMA Records, was released in January 2015. Her composition, untouched by morning and untouched by night, is included on the PARMA Records album INTERSECTIONS and a recording with the Kühn Choir of Prague of her work for SATB Chorus, Solo Soprano and Narrator, was just released by PARMA records on their album VOICES OF EARTH AND AIR VOL IV. 

Jacob’s Scherzo for flute and marimba was premiered by Amélie Debecq and Damien Delvaux at Festival  Osmose in Evere, Belgium and her Suite for Flute and Piano was premiered at Penn State by Mimi Stillman and Charles Abramovic. Her Endless War for harpsichord and narrator was premiered by Joyce Lindorff, Harpsichord at Temple University’s Keyboard Festival. Her work for solo piano, …but time will tell… was performed at The Keyboard in the 21st Century, an international conference in Hong Kong by Linda Yim. In August 2020, her Many in One, for string orchestra was performed by the Moravian Philharmonic and her Winter Light for Violin and Piano, was performed by Network for New Music on a livestream, April 2021. Her Resonance of Emerald for Woodwind Quintet was premiered at Haverford College, Fall 2021. 

The music Jacob co-wrote with Charles Abramovic for the documentary film My Sister Hali, won an International Independent Film Gold Winner Award for Original Score and a bronze award by the Latitude Film Awards at the UK International Festival. Docs without Borders awarded the film an Exceptional Merit Award for the “poetic music by Charles Abramovic, Heidi Jacob, Jeffrey Solow.”


Bowed Colors 2

Release Date: April 14, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6517
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
On BOWED COLORS 2, violist Brett Deubner tackles a vibrant collection of Bach-inspired compositions for the viola. A bonafide virtuoso of international acclaim, Deubner set his sights on the works of seven American composers, and the result is a dynamic album of showstoppers for the alto voice of the string family. Baroque structure unites with contemporary fervor in this program, and Deubner's solo viola (occasionally accompanied by piano) entwines both, brimming with vigor and precision.

Voices of Earth and Air Vol IV

Release Date: September 9, 2022
Catalog Number: NV6465
21st Century
Vocal Music
Navona Records presents VOICES OF EARTH AND AIR VOL IV, a choral celebration of the human commonality we find within music. Featuring the works of six seasoned composers, each piece tells a sentimental story unique to each composer, fitting together like puzzle pieces and demonstrating the connective qualities of the human voice. Brought to life by Prague’s Kühn Choir, these choral works are sure to entrance and entice listeners with flowing tonality and artful text settings that demonstrate the powerful storytelling capabilities that vocal music wields.

Beneath Winter Light

Release Date: January 13, 2015
Catalog Number: NV5985
21st Century
String Quartet
Common threads between art forms are woven into the creative process of exploring and expressing our shared experiences, emotions, and uncertainties. On her debut Navona Records release, BENEATH WINTER LIGHT, composer Heidi Jacob finds inspiration in film and poetry, as well as in music from past centuries, illustrating her faculty of expanding on timeless themes within modern compositional settings.

Laws of the Pipe

Release Date: October 1, 2012
Catalog Number: NV5889
21st Century
String Quartet
A collection of works by Curt Cacioppo celebrating and lamenting the history of the Native American peoples. Composed and performed with impeccable attention to detail and historical accuracy, these vibrant and emotional tone poems urge the listener to consider the vibrancy and plight of Native American culture as they guide us through musical narratives of the past.

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