Ian Erickson is a composer and performer from Southwest Missouri. He graduated from Missouri State University with two bachelor of arts degrees in music performance and composition, and he has extensive experience in improvisation. Many of his works aim to explore polyphonic textures through the use of complex rhythms and dense harmonies.

Currently, Erickson is actively composing new works, working as a freelance performer, and accompanying dance performance classes at Missouri State University. There, he provides music on piano and drum set for ballet, modern, and improvisatory dance performance.

In addition to studying composition, Erickson also attended the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. His studies at Port Townsend focused on traditional hand tools and joinery. Using those skills, Erickson has engineered and built traditional and custom instruments utilizing acoustic materials for use in his own works.


Playing on the Edge

Release Date: September 27, 2019
Catalog Number: NV6249
21st Century
String Quartet

Described as having “Versatility and flair with lively improvisations” by the New York Times and being “always compelling and always exhilarating” by Imperfect Fifths, NYC-based Sirius Quartet is only the most natural choice for showcasing the genius of five genre-bending contemporary composers. Navona Records’ PLAYING ON THE EDGE brings inspiration and experience from all walks of life into one string quartet collection with the music of composers Jennifer Castellano, Ian Erickson, Brian Field, Marga Richter, and Mari Tamaki.