Composer James Tribble has been writing and playing music for about 30 years, gradually learning his craft. He taught himself piano at 14, creating a lot of bad habits, and he has performed and taught piano, violin and viola since then while improving his own technique.

Tribble went to college in London at the Kingston Polytechnic. There he was inspired by the instrument cupboard to enter the world of early music. He did this professionally until 1999, then moved to Scotland to bring up a family. Tribble currently works in Scotland teaching violin, viola and piano. He also composes pieces for his own amusement and performance by some of his pupils.



Release Date: October 1, 2011
Catalog Number: NV5864
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
CLAVIATURES is a collection of new works for piano and chamber ensemble from contemporary composers. These works by Asherov-Kalus, Scully, Tribble, Fletcher, Nagorcka, and Stölzel explore the notions of being human and observing the world around us with reflection, curiosity, and appreciation. This recording contains eight original and inspired pieces performed with talent and panache by musicians from around the world: pianists Karolina Rojahn, Lukáš Klánský, and Robert Pherigo; violinists Ondrej Lébr and Ann Marie-Brown; violist Neil Casey; clarinetist Doug Graham; flutist Lisa Hennessey; and cellist Lawrence Figg.