Joyce Wai-chung Tang’s works have been described by Ablaze Records as “incisive and brilliant…terrific and fresh compositional voice,” and have been premiered and performed worldwide. Her works span orchestral, chamber, solo, vocal, choral, electro-acoustic, and theatrical genres, many of which have been jury-selected for performances in major festivals and conferences.

She has attracted numerous commissions from musicians and performing groups including the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Trio Morisot, Western District Music Ensemble, Shakespeare4All Hong Kong, and AFTEC. She was also a featured composer in the 2010 Hell Hot! New Music Festival in Hong Kong, and the 2012 Manhattan-Hong Kong Music Festival. Her string quartet Lineae (2014) won the Arizona Pro Arte Ensemble 2015 Call For Scores award. Her commissioned orchestral work Clear Light (2015), premiered by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta at the Hong Kong Arts Festival in March 2015, received its European premieres on tour by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta in Geneva, Zürich and Fribourg in October 2015.

Joyce Tang received her master’s degrees in both composition and electro-acoustic music at Hong Kong Baptist University. She also received a PhD in musicology at The University of Hong Kong.


Fleeting Realms

Release Date: September 8, 2017
Catalog Number: NV6107
21st Century
FLEETING REALMS is an inviting compilation of chamber music featuring six composers. Though the album obviously mixes different compositional voices, the different pieces share many characteristics. FLEETING REALMS is defined by a pervasive uplifting quality. Many of the album’s works feature driving rhythms and a joyfully relaxed sensibility. Even dissonance is used playfully or as a counter weight to beautiful lyricism. Such consistency in manner across six pieces by six diverse composers is obviously remarkable, and it makes FLEETING REALMS a very special musical collection.