photo: Mads Sørensen

Lyrebird Brass is a collective of musicians dedicated to performing the finest brass chamber music, with a mission to engage audiences through exceptional artistry and accessible programming. The members of Lyrebird Brass have each developed an international reputation, performing in many of the world’s premier ensembles, and bring a unique musical perspective to the group. 

Passionate advocates for the creation of new compositions, Lyrebird Brass has a particular focus on spotlighting the richness of Australian music and uplifting the works of composers from diverse and underrepresented groups. This commitment reflects a deeper ethos of the ensemble — to reflect the evolving tapestry of culture and community through the power and versatility of brass music. As the first professional brass chamber group in Australia to have women as core members, they are helping reshape the narrative of what it means to be a brass musician in the modern era. 

The group’s name pays homage to a unique songbird native to the ensemble’s hometown of Melbourne. Known for singing hours each day in a combination of mimicked noises and their own distinctive song, Lyrebirds are even able to vocalise multiple melodies simultaneously. The name is also a reference to Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre (Lyrebird Press), a part of Louise Hanson-Dyer’s legacy which has long benefited the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music where the ensemble currently teaches.

Joel Brennan & Rosie Turner, trumpet

Carla Blackwood, horn

Don Immel, trombone

Tim Buzbee, tuba