Marta Brankovich was born in Belgrade, Serbia. She was only 21 years old when she graduated from the University of Belgrade, as the youngest student with the highest GPA in her class. During her studies she received numerous international and domestic awards, scholarships, and public recognition, including a special honorary scholarship from her country for building an outstanding career in the United States. She currently lives in Miami where she has received her second Master diploma in piano performance in the class of Kemal Gekić at Florida International University. Since 2010, Marta has held over 150 solo recitals in all major halls of Eastern Coast of the United States, receiving great reviews and being called ‘A New Force Of American Pianism’ (News Magazine), and ‘Black Swan of Piano’ (Miami Herald). She recorded for TV and Radio in Europe and the U.S., and has collaborated with many international artists, including a piano duet with famous pianist and her own professor Kemal Gekić, receiving great reviews.

In the summer of 2016 she had her second concert tour in Europe in four years. The tour included fourteen recitals and lectures at various music concert venues in six different cities including Prague, Belgrade, and Skopje. While on tour in Europe she recorded for international TV and radio stations including famous Radio Vltava, and Radio Prague Channel 3. In the following two years Marta was invited on another European concert tour which included countries such as Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. She was also invited to do her doctoral studies in Europe. In January of 2017 Marta became a recording artist for PARMA Recordings. Her debut album on Navona Records features music by Serbian, French, and American composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Recently Marta became a member of Friends of Collegium Musicum (FOCM), a group helping young musician around the world obtain scholarships for Florida universities by performing recitals in Florida. Marta is the owner and artistic director of the School for Talents called Agitato located in Miami, Florida.


Black Swan of the Piano

Release Date: September 14, 2018
Catalog Number: NV6183
20th Century
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Be transformed by the haunting intensity of Brankovich’s performance in BLACK SWAN OF PIANO. Extending from the melancholic forms of 19th century composer Eric Satie to the dark, moving compositions of the pianist herself, this album invites listeners into the realms of the past, the war-torn images of her homeland, and a look into the immense possibilities for the musical future.