Marta Brankovich was born in Belgrade, Serbia. At 21, she graduated from the University of Belgrade as the youngest student with the highest GPA in her generation. During her studies she received numerous international and domestic awards, scholarships, and public recognitions, including third place on the 1997 Rubinstein piano competition and a 2005 special honorary scholarship from her country, granted for making an outstanding career in the United States. During her studies in Serbia, she received another diploma in music marketing that gave her a different perspective on how classical pianists need to address the contemporary demands of performance. Brankovich is currently living in Miami, where she received her Master’s in piano performance under pianist and professor Kemal Gekić at Florida International University. During her master studies she performed in numerous festivals, including EPTA in Europe, IKIF in New York, New Music Festival, Florida International Festival and Subtropics Festival in South Florida.

Since 2010, Brankovich has held over 150 solo recitals across the east coast’s major hall, receiving great reviews and such accolades as “a new force of American pianism” (News Magazine) and the “black swan of piano” (Miami Herald). She’s also recorded music for television and radio in both Europe and the United States. She has collaborated with many international artists, including a piano duet with her own professor Kemal Gekić, which received great reviews. In the summer of 2016 she had her second concert tour in Europe in 4 years with 14 recitals and lectures across 6 cities. She recorded for international TV and radio stations including radio Vltava and radio Prague channel 3.

In January of 2017, Brankovich became a recording artist for Navona Records. Her first album on the label, titled BLACK SWAN FOR PIANO, had great success among critics and general audiences. BLACK SWAN received over 18 praising reviews from all over the world, was featured on over 40 radio stations, and was voted the number 5 album on CFBX’s 2019 top 20 classical albums chart. Brankovich is currently collaborating with various musicians, incorporating their sound into piano performances to reimagine classical music and make it more acceptable to a wider audience. 

In August of 2021, film director Donna Cameron released a short film titled The Whole in Parts, after the composition of the same name by Frederick Kaufman, which Brankovich is performing on this album. It’s an experimental musical movie centering around her performance that won seven international awards to this date, including awards in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Venice etc.


Marta, The Tempest

Release Date: February 3, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6479
20th Century
Solo Instrumental
Every pianist makes a piece their own, adding flourishes and signature accents, but Marta Brankovich takes artistic interpretation to a new level. Leveraging her passion and irreplicable touch on the piano, the black swan of piano conjures an unforgettable storm on MARTA, THE TEMPEST. This long-awaited exploratory deep-dive into the classical canon delivers fresh interpretations of works by Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Kaufman, Jirásek, and Webber, complete with a solo piano composition by Brankovich herself that offers an inside look into her artistic emergence. Weaving themes of adversity, opposing forces, and oneness with a profoundly emotive approach, Brankovich delivers a powerful program in this Navona Records release.

Black Swan of the Piano

Release Date: September 14, 2018
Catalog Number: NV6183
20th Century
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Be transformed by the haunting intensity of Brankovich’s performance in BLACK SWAN OF PIANO. Extending from the melancholic forms of 19th century composer Eric Satie to the dark, moving compositions of the pianist herself, this album invites listeners into the realms of the past, the war-torn images of her homeland, and a look into the immense possibilities for the musical future.