I have been fortunate in my life to have had three overlapping but distinct careers in music. As a younger woman I enjoyed freelancing as a pianist and singer; performing chamber music, solo and duo recitals, coaching, and doing some part time college teaching. Later I took a full time position as music professor at Los Medanos Community College, where I headed the piano, theory, and recital programs. Now, retired from teaching, I am turning my focus to composing, a long-neglected love. 

My lifelong experience as a performer has given me a great respect for the discipline, imagination, and dedication required to bring any piece of music to performance level. When I compose, the performers and the listeners are always close to my heart. Musical composition for me is an act of deep and honest communication. I sincerely desire that my muse will spark the muse of others. 

Select Career Highlights: 

• Bachelor in Music and Master’s degrees in piano performance from San Francisco State University 

• Composition seminars with David Conte and Cindy Cox   

• Member of Piano Duo “Bachmann and Kanouse” with Monroe Kanouse from 1979 to the late 1990s. The duo received critical acclaim as “first rate” and displaying “exceptional artistry” in The Sacramento Bee, for their performance on the Crocker Art Museum concert series. 

• Premiere commercial recording: Wild Swans: Music of Nancy Bachmann performed by clarinetist Diane Maltester and Friends, featuring Ann Moss (Projected Release: Summer 2023) featuring chamber compositions for clarinet, piano, woodwind ensemble, harp, and voice 

• Pianist for many years with the Villa Piano Trio with David Whisnia, and the late Roy Oakley 

• 2022 Guest Composer with Nevada County Composers Cooperative   

• Long time performance relationship with the San Francisco Villa Sinfonia Foundation Professional Chamber Ensembles


Wild Swans

Wild Swans

Release Date: August 11, 2023
Catalog Number: NV6547
21st Century
Vocal Music
Diane Maltester and Nancy Bachmann take listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey with WILD SWANS. Contemporary composer Nancy Bachmann’s exquisite music entices listeners with an artist’s pallet of expressive and progressive sounds. Released under Navona Records, this extraordinary album showcases Bachmann’s compositions for the superbly talented clarinetist, Diane Maltester. WILD SWANS takes flight through compositions for voice, woodwind quintet, trios, duos, and unaccompanied clarinet. The wings of Bachmann’s imaginative energy and Maltester’s interpretive virtuosity transport the listener to beautiful and exotic destinations. As one explores the transcendent compositions on WILD SWANS Bachmann’s brilliance and versatility shine through on every track, illuminated by the extraordinary artistry of Maltester and all her collaborators. A captivating mix of wildness and grace!