Nora Essman Morrow, born in New York City, has been a musician all her life. As a child Morrow composed songs on the guitar and improvised stories at the piano. She attended the Precollege Division of Manhattan School of Music and The High School of Music and Art in NYC.

Her first year of college was at City University of New York where she was introduced to modern dance accompanying through a music and movement class, and then began accompanying modern dance classes in the New York area. She continued her musical studies and dance accompanying at The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, The University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Northern Illinois University. Each school had a different focus and specialty so her musical studies included classical, contemporary, electronic, jazz, improvisation and music education. Throughout her college years, Morrow worked with modern and ballet dancers. She also played in an all female jazz quartet.

When she returned to New York she worked at the Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College and many other dance schools in the area as an accompanist and composer. In 2010 Morrow wrote and produced a CD titled, “Shawna The Bird,” a musical adventure with music that had been commissioned by a children’s modern dance school. Currently residing in the New York area she teaches piano, accompanies dance and composes.

Morrow’s music is evocative, engaging, kinesthetic and visual.



Quadrants Vol 3

Release Date: July 12, 2019
Catalog Number: NV6239
21st Century
String Quartet
The works of the eight composers on QUADRANTS 3 display both the broad scope of styles and energies that the string quartet can produce, while also highlighting the individual talents of each artist. The resident ensemble for QUADRANTS 3, Altius Quartet, who take their name from the Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger), handles each piece with skill and flair.

Fleeting Realms

Release Date: September 8, 2017
Catalog Number: NV6107
21st Century
FLEETING REALMS is an inviting compilation of chamber music featuring six composers. Though the album obviously mixes different compositional voices, the different pieces share many characteristics. FLEETING REALMS is defined by a pervasive uplifting quality. Many of the album’s works feature driving rhythms and a joyfully relaxed sensibility. Even dissonance is used playfully or as a counter weight to beautiful lyricism. Such consistency in manner across six pieces by six diverse composers is obviously remarkable, and it makes FLEETING REALMS a very special musical collection.