photo: Nestor Romero Clemente

Since beginning her musical career as a cellist, Samantha Sack has been exploring the full range of musical expressions. Performing was only the beginning of her journey, as she quickly understood the greatest expression of music was creation. After receiving private composition lessons with Mara Gibson in secondary school, Samantha entered Missouri State University under the John Prescott Composition Scholarship and the Claude T. Smith Composition Scholarship. Graduating with a Bachelor of Music Composition further led her to Dublin, Ireland, to earn a Master of Arts in Scoring for Film and Visual Media from Dublin Institute of Technology.

Her studies have led to writing for fellow musicians all around the world. Just a few such pieces include “Oscuro Fantasia” (accordionist Alessandro Ambrosi), “Under the Sun” (Missouri State Chamber Orchestra), and “My Persephone” (Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra).

Sack looks to create stories through her music. Worlds for the listener to be surrounded by and get lost in as they listen to the colors flow and morph around them. Her philosophy is music is never just for its own sake. Every piece is conceived from an experience or perception and will take on a changed or entirely new meaning for those listening to it. Whether in the concert hall or on the screen, she hopes to give the audience a space to dream and feel.


Prisma Vol. 5

Release Date: April 9, 2021
Catalog Number: NV6344
21st Century
Navona Records’ acclaimed PRISMA series continues with a fifth installment, again showcasing the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra’s riveting take on contemporary composition. With a focus on innovation and imaginative performance, the orchestra brings a breath of fresh air to a repertoire that’s all-too-often dominated by mainstream works.