Scott Brickman

Scott Brickman (b. 1963, Oak Park, IL USA) is passionate about sport and his Baltic and Slavic ancestry and culture. Until 2016 he played baseball as an amateur in the United States and Canada and has coached high school baseball in Maine. He has also run 10k races in both the United States and Canada. Starting in 2018, he has attended summer school at the University of Latvia in Riga, studying Latvian Language and culture. 

Scott received his education at the University of Wisconsin (B.M. 1987) and Brandeis University (Ph.D. 1996) where he studied with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Yehudi Wyner.

Currently he is Professor of Music and Education at the University of Maine at Fort Kent where he has taught since 1997. Though scholarship has not been the focus of his activities, he recently presented papers on set theory and jazz history in Strasbourg, France, and Lviv, Ukraine respectively. His orchestral music has been performed and recorded by ensembles in Czechia, Poland, and Ukraine.


Woven in Time

Release Date: October 22, 2021
Catalog Number: NV6369
21st Century
An eclectic collection of cultural themes, WOVEN IN TIME is grounded in connections made through distant timestamps. Each piece weaves culture and ideas of the past with a modern approach to composition, revitalizing and repurposing the popular culture and literature of yesterday into contemporary music for our enjoyment today.

Prisma Vol. 3

Release Date: February 14, 2020
Catalog Number: NV6271
21st Century
Navona Records’ exhilarating PRISMA VOL. 3 unveils the diverse faces of contemporary orchestral music. Featuring the works of seven composers, PRISMA VOL. 3 follows up the success of the first two PRISMA installments with symphonic music that is both innovative and deeply alluring.