Originally known as The South Bohemian State Orchestra, the South Czech Philharmonic, based in České Budějovice (Budweis), was founded in 1981. Today, it comprises 39 artists and remains the only professional philharmonic orchestra in the South Bohemian region.

Origins of the orchestra are associated with a Czech conductor Jaroslav Vodňanský. The position of Chief Conductor was then held by Ondřej Kukal, Břetislav Novotný, Jaroslav Krček, Stanislav Vavřínek, and Jan Talich. The current Chief Conductor, Miran Vaupotić, has been leading the orchestra since 2021.

Besides interpreting the music of classical composers and pieces appropriate for chamber orchestras and smaller concert halls, the ensemble is dedicating increasing attention to the contemporary trend of interlinking genres and discovering new perspectives of both interpretation and presentation of music, and systematically strives to enhance its qualities.

The majority of SCP members are young, ambitious, skillful, and promising musicians, appreciating any opportunity to cooperate with other leading conductors and soloists. Today, the South Czech Philharmonic aspires to maintain the interest of existing attenders, while focusing on a younger audience and wider public and thus attracting those South Bohemians who have so far been more or less indifferent to classical music. There is no doubt that the orchestra has a sufficient capacity, enthusiasm, and the right direction to achieve all of that.


Inviting Worlds Vol 3

Release Date: December 9, 2022
Catalog Number: NV6482
21st Century
INVITING WORLDS VOL 3 offers a fresh look into the Navona Records series with a new roster of modern composers. Building on the canon of orchestral works presented thus far, this edition of the series features works inspired by historic poetry, iconic stories, and memories, tied together and brought to life by the raw power of today’s ensembles. From whimsical and uplifting passages to deep stirring nostalgia, the works featured on INVITING WORLDS VOL 3 are unrelenting in their emotive qualities.