Tadd Russo (b. 1976, Parma, Ohio) received his master’s degree in composition from The Ohio State University, where his principal instructor was Thomas Wells. Critic Ralph O’Dette has praised his lyrical gift, hailing his music for the theatre as memorable. Tadd has studied film and Broadway orchestration with Steven Scott Smalley and Joe Gianono. His music has been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland; the OCEAn festival in Oberlin, Ohio; the Electrolune Festival in Lunel, France; the Society of Composers National Convention in San Antonio, Texas; and by the Dallas Wind Symphony. As an arranger/orchestrator, he has worked with Ben Vereen, Ronan Tynan, Darin Atwater√≠s Soulful Symphony, Empire Brass, and Kool and the Gang, among others. Tadd currently serves as a composer/arranger for The United States Air Force Band in Washington, DC and teaches music technology at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.


Heavy Pedal

Release Date: July 1, 2011
Catalog Number: NV5853
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
HEAVY PEDAL is an all-organ disc featuring the compositions of Tadd Russo, Curt Cacioppo, Ron Nagorcka, Wilhelm Middleschulte, and Michael Summers performed by organists Michael Kraft, Robert Gallagher, David Scott Hamnes, Brink Bush, and Karel Martinek. As the title implies, the pieces on this disc are on the heavier side of classical music, reaching climaxes with real stopping power.

Light and Shadow

Release Date: April 1, 2011
Catalog Number: NV5847
21st Century
Light and Shadow is an all-new collection of modern orchestral works from composers Adrienne Albert, Daniel Perttu, Rain Worthington, Rebecca Oswald, Russ Lombardi and Tadd Russo. The works on this disc range from a musical depiction of the imagery of war to the representation of the impressionistic logic of dreams to a bold, tonal piece inspired by a property dispute. With all tracks shorter than nine minutes, this collection offers a succinct and powerful view into the world of modern orchestral composition.