William Vollinger is predominantly a composer of vocal music, spoken and/or sung, performed by groups such as the Gregg Smith Singers and New York Vocal Arts Ensemble, whose performance of Three Songs About the Resurrection won first prize at the Geneva International Competition. The instrumental work The Violinist in the Mall won the 2005 Friends and Enemies of New Music competition. Sound Portraits is a collection of his vocal works featuring soprano Linda Ferraira recorded by Capstone-Ravello. Raspberry Man was selected for both the 2009 National SCI Conference in Santa Fe NM and the University of Nebraska 2009 New Music Festival.

Recent premiered works include Duck Girl by soprano Liz Argus and Musaica (nominated for Best Performance of New Classical Music in New Orleans); Emmanuel Changed by Juventas in Boston; Mark 5:21-43 by Marie Kenote and Tammy Lum in Nyack, NY; Made in the Image of God at the National CFAMC Conference in Marion, Indiana; The Pelican performed by tenor Ricky Graham and clarinetist John Reeks in New Orleans; What of That by Rosalind Rees and the Gregg Smith Singers in New York City; and I’m So Sorry I’m Late by Liana Valente in Lakeland, FL. His music is published by Abingdon, API, Heritage, Neil A. Kjos, Lawson-Gould, and Laurendale, with five pieces featured as editor’s choices in the Pepper Catalogue. Vollinger teaches composition at Nyack College and directs music at his church.

Writing in Fanfare, Raymond Beegle wrote “I have known his work for years and believe, after much consideration, that there is genius in it. With astonishing depth and clarity, Vollinger brings his subjects to life. One finds a new musical language, not born out of a desire to be new, but a desire to be clear and to tell the truth. With all its freshness, it is rooted in our past traditions, felicitously circumventing all the chaos, all the attitudinizing, and intellectualizing, and publicizing, that litter the present musical horizon.”


Fine Music, Vol. 3

Release Date: January 1, 2012
Catalog Number: NV5868
21st Century
Piano Trio
FINE MUSIC, VOL. III is the third compilation of the Navona Records Fine Music digital series. This installment features the works of Lawrence Siegel, Sergio Cervetti, Tony Piccolo, Adrienne Albert, Daniel Perttu, Gerhard Stabler, Jane O'Leary, Jim Scully, Meira Warshauer, Piffaro, John Carollo, William Vollinger, Peter Van Zandt Lane, Lawrence Ball, and Benjamin Yusupov. This collection both highlights some of Navona's choicest tracks and offers a preview of things to come.

Raspberry Man

Release Date: August 1, 2011
Catalog Number: NV5857
21st Century
Stage Works
Vocal Music
Large Ensemble
RASPBERRY MAN is an Enhanced EP featuring two works for narrator and instrumental ensemble by composer William Vollinger. The first, Raspberry Man, draws its inspiration from a man who made a loud raspberry noise at passersby outside a bar in New York. The second, Emmanuel Changed, draws from the change Vollinger witnessed in a troublesome chorus student.

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