"Zephyr Quartet creates dynamic, mesmerizing textures, layering percussive tapping with lyrical melodies"

CU Independent

Zephyr Quartet are Australia’s leading genre-defying explorers of dynamic cross-artform, music-focused collaborations. They are an award-winning string ensemble whose musicians compose, arrange, and improvise. This unique skill set, together with Zephyr’s open-minded approach, allows them to skillfully traverse musical worlds and gives them their own distinct voice. A firm believer in the power of the string quartet as a medium to communicate and explore complex relationships between society and art, Zephyr have achieved an enviable reputation for artistic excellence, innovation, and audience development, and are considered “arguably Australia’s most lateral thinking and inventive ensemble” (Music Australia).



Release Date: March 13, 2020
Catalog Number: NV6275
21st Century
String Quartet
Zephyr Quartet's new release, EPILOGUE, betrays expectations in the best manner possible. Listeners expecting to hear traditional (or even contemporary) classical music from this Australian string quartet will be in for a big surprise when they find tracks that resemble those of – wait for it – a great modern pop or rock group instead. But there is more: the immediate accessibility of their music almost instantly reveals a great depth, profundity and musical richness, to the point where it will find only few rivals in contemporary composition.