Release Date: August 1, 2011
Catalog #: NV5861
Format: Digital & Physical

No Stopping, Standing, or Parking

Neil Thornock composer

NO STOPPING, STANDING, OR PARKING features the works of Utah-based composer Neil Thornock and performances by the United States Coast Guard Saxophone Quartet, the Upland Chamber Ensemble, and Amanda Baker. Thornock’s compositions draw from a variety of inspirations, from the urgency of highway travel to the hip, angular imagery of Gertrude Stein. These works for saxophones, keyboards and flute express music’s potential to create order and urge the listener to enjoy life.


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Artist Information

Neil Thornock


Neil Thornock was born in Washington State — the rural, agricultural side — in 1977. He received degrees in organ performance and composition from Brigham Young University and a Doctor of Music degree from Indiana University.