Release Date: April 1, 2012
Catalog #: NV5869
Format: Digital & Physical
Solo Instrumental

Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 – A Composer’s Approach

Don Freund composer
J.S. Bach composer

Although we’ve all heard countless variations of J.S. Bach’s ubiquitous Well-Tempered Clavier, from a subtle grace note added to Prelude and fugue in D minor to a dramatic rest added to Prelude and fugue in A major, composer and pianist Don Freund takes Book 1 of Bach’s masterpiece and offers analysis with “A Composer’s Approach,” a unique, critical eye for a series of miniatures that are typically viewed through the lens of a performer. Freund’s two-disc set of composer-centric interpretations are accompanied by a DVD of his composition lessons, a series of videos that provide deeper insight into the master’s works and his processes behind his works.


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Artist Information

Don Freund


Don Freund is an internationally recognized composer with works ranging from solo, chamber, and orchestral music to pieces involving live performances with electronic instruments, music for dance, and large theatre works. He has been described as "a composer thoughtful in approach and imaginative in style" (Washington Post), whose music is "exciting, amusing, disturbing, beautiful, and always fascinating" (Music and Musicians, London).