Release Date: September 1, 2012
Catalog #: NV5881
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
Solo Instrumental

Lock & Key

New Chamber Works

Scott Pender composer
R. David Salvage composer
Daniel Perttu composer
Malcolm Hawkins composer

Lucie Kaucká piano; Marta Talabová flute; Aleš Janecek clarinet
Antonín Hradil violin; Tomáš Jamník cello; Ladislav Bilan vibraphone
R. David Salvage piano
Andrea Kapell Loewy flute; Dr. Yuling Huang-Davie piano
Jakub Látal violin; Pavel Hána viola; Jirí Návratil cello; Pavel Harnoš double bass

LOCK AND KEY opens the door to discover harmonious, melodic chamber works tied together by a shared understanding of the most treasured aspects of humanity. Through diverse experiences and impressionism, each composer highlights that which makes us human but is all too easy to hide away. Navona presents these works together as a reminder that inspiration can be found through appreciating the beauty of nature, the thrill of a first kiss, lighthearted fun on a night out, or simply by being alive. LOCK AND KEY features new chamber works from Scott Pender, R. David Salvage, Daniel Perttu, and Malcolm Hawkins performed by the Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players, Salvage, Andrea Kapell Loewy, and Yuling Huang-Davie.


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Artist Information

Scott Pender


Scott Pender (b. 1959) has called the phonograph his first music teacher. He cites his parents’ “extensive, eclectic record collection” as a primary early influence. As a child, he began making up tunes at the piano and taught himself to read music. Formal study in piano and theory as a teenager led to his enrollment at Peabody Conservatory, where he began composition studies with Jean Ivey. He holds degrees in philosophy from Georgetown University and music composition from Peabody Conservatory.

R. David Salvage


R. David Salvage (b. 1978, Boston MA) is a composer and pianist whose piano, chamber, vocal, and orchestral works have been performed by many of America's most gifted musicians, including the Arcturus Chamber Ensemble, the Rosetta String Trio, the Monticello String Quartet, the Cygnus Ensemble, Miranda Cuckson (violinist), Christopher Swanson (tenor), Thomas Meglioranza (baritone), David Thomas (clarinetist), and the Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra (OH).

Daniel Perttu


“Music has always been a kind of magic for me, a portal to other realms. When I was young, I was inspired by fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings, and I’m still drawn to myths and legends. I’ve written works on themes ranging from the sorcery of Merlin to the Callanish Stone Circle and the Torngat Mountains. My aim is to write music that invites audiences into other worlds, so they can re-discover their own sense of wonder." –Daniel Perttu

Malcolm Hawkins


Malcolm Hawkins, British composer born in Portugal, has lived in New Hampshire since 1995. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, and was subsequently awarded a scholarship to study at the Mozarteum, Salzburg, with Cesar Bresgen, where he won an international song competition Das Neue Lied with 4 Songs for Baritone, Saxophone and Piano. These and a solo piano work were broadcast on Austrian Radio, and his wind quintet was performed in Salzburg and Vienna.

Lucie Kaucká


The pianist Lucie Kaucká was born on March 31, 1978 in Kraslice near Karlovy Vary, where she began studying music at the age of seven. She continued her piano studies at the Conservatory of Teplice and the Conservatory of Pardubice with Martin Hröel. After graduation from Pardubice she concentrated on the study of musicology at the Palacky University in Olomouc and finished successfully there in 2003.

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