Anthony Piccolo
Classical | Orchestral | Chamber | Instrumental | Choral
Release Date: March 26, 2013

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Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra | Petr Vronský, conductor
Campanella Children's Chorus
The Hamelin Children's Chorus | Anthony Piccolo, conductor
Petr Nouzovkský, cello
Ladislav Bilan, percussion
Luci Kaucká, celesta
Marta Talábová, flutes
Zuzana Rzounková, Martin Paullik, Martin Sokol, Jaroslav Hubek, horns

New York-based Anthony Piccolo leads a vibrant and varied career as composer, choral director, pianist and conductor. Drawing on decades of performing and composing experience, he crafts clear and colorful scores in a variety of genres. On IMAGINARY SYMPHONY AND OTHER TALES, an album devoted entirely to his works, he presents Imaginary Symphony No. 1, hailed as "one of the most appealing pieces for children and orchestra ever written" (The Advocate, Stamford CT), as well as his virtuosic, impassioned Sonata for Cello Solo; Fever Time for children's voices and percussion, on text by Susan Kander based on a real-life fever; Flűtes de suite, four pieces employing the full range and mobility of the flute family; and Fanfare-Sonatina for four horns, with movements in contrasting contrapuntal and dance forms.

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