Kyle Peter Rotolo
Quinn Dizon
Amelia S. Kaplan
Kevin McCarter
Jason Barabba
Thomas L. Read
Classical | Chamber
Release Date: April 30, 2013

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New England String Quartet
Clayton Hoener, violin; Ron Lowry, cello; Hannah Shields, piano
Mary Kamack Kothman, violin; James Helton, piano
Robert Lehmann, violin; Anastasia Antonacos, piano
The Krechvovsky/Loucks Duo
Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar

Music represents a dialogue between composer and listener, channeled through performance and observation. Much like in spoken conversation, the works in PERCEPTIONS present us with the revealing perspectives of their composers as told through small ensembles. The listener is presented with music that entrances, enkindles, jars, lingers, connects, and engrosses–perceptions both highly incisive and deeply personal.

PERCEPTIONS features music written by Kyle Peter Rotolo, Quinn Dizon, Amelia S. Kaplan, Kevin McCarter, Jason Barabba, and Thomas L. Read, performed by the New England String Quartet, Clayton Hoener, Peter Sulski, Ron Lowry, Hannah Shields, Mary Kamack Kothman, James Helton, Robert Lehmann, Anastasia Antonacos, the Krechovsky/Loucks Duo, and Aaron Larget-Caplan.

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