Release Date: May 1, 2013
Catalog #: NV5910
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
String Orchestra

Cascading into Reverie

Works for Piano & Works for Orchestra

Yves Ramette composer

Eric Himy piano
Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra | Vladimir Valek conductor
Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra | Jan Stulen conductor

French composer Yves Ramette’s (1921-2012) music is marked by its ability to broadcast “messages of the heart,” offering unflinching and distinguished representations of emotion and experience using traditional forms. A student of Honegger and contemporary of Boulez, among others, Ramette’s works draw from the rhythmic and harmonic elements of mid-20th-century France.

CASCADING INTO REVERIE, a two-disc retrospective of Ramette’s works for solo piano and orchestra, presents a series of meticulously constructed works showcasing the composer’s penchant for writing harmonically and rhythmically driven music. Pianist Eric Himy – whose playing has been lauded for its “extraordinary richness” (BBC Music Magazine) and “infallible power and intensity” (Washington Post) – interprets Ramette’s works with creativity and finely honed technique, navigating difficult passages with ease and grace.


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Artist Information

Yves Ramette


Composer Yves Ramette (b. 1921) was born in Bavay, France, where his father was the director of a school. From a very young age Ramette was instinctively attracted towards music. When he was seven years old he started learning musical notation as well as to play the violin and the piano. At age fourteen, while pursuing his secondary studies at the Beauvais Lycée, he also began taking advanced lessons in harmony.