Erik Lotichius
Classical | Orchestral

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St. Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra | Vladimir Lande, conductor
Sandro Ivo Bartoli, piano
Miranda van Kralingen, soprano

Erik Lotichius, a composer unafraid of melody and accessibility, combines the sounds of traditional classics with those that took the 20th-century audiences by storm - in the composer's own words, his work presents "Bach, the Blues and the Beatles" in a spectacular, enthralling combination of genre and style. MOOD INDIGO, a collection of Lotichius' orchestral works, features Variations and Finale on "Mood Indigo," an adaptation of the renowned Ellington tune; Piano Concerto No. 1, a colorful concerto form infused with jazz reminiscent of Gershwin and Ravel; Four Songs on American Poetry, an a set of songs featuring the poetry of Bly, Cummings, and Millay set for mezzo-soprano; and Ragtime, a short, entertaining piece showcasing a wide variety of brief instrumental solos. MOOD INDIGO also comes bundled with a bonus DVD, featuring a documentary detailing Lotichius' music and career, his compositional process, the recording sessions for MOOD INDIGO, and more.

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