Release Date: May 1, 2013
Catalog #: NV5913
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century

Mood Indigo

Erik Lotichius composer

St. Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra | Vladimir Lande conductor
Sandro Ivo Bartoli piano
Miranda van Kralingen soprano

Erik Lotichius, a composer unafraid of melody and accessibility, combines the sounds of traditional classics with those that took the 20th-century audiences by storm – in the composer’s own words, his work presents “Bach, the Blues and the Beatles” in a spectacular, enthralling combination of genre and style. MOOD INDIGO, a collection of Lotichius’ orchestral works, features Variations and Finale on “Mood Indigo,” an adaptation of the renowned Ellington tune; Piano Concerto No. 1, a colorful concerto form infused with jazz reminiscent of Gershwin and Ravel; Four Songs on American Poetry, an a set of songs featuring the poetry of Bly, Cummings, and Millay set for mezzo-soprano; and Ragtime, a short, entertaining piece showcasing a wide variety of brief instrumental solos. MOOD INDIGO also comes bundled with a bonus DVD, featuring a documentary detailing Lotichius’ music and career, his compositional process, the recording sessions for MOOD INDIGO, and more.


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Artist Information

Erik Lotichius


European composer Erik Lotichius (1929 – 2015) began his compositional studies and high school, in addition to studying both the piano and violin. Influenced early on by Bach and Bartok, he studied under virtuoso Ernest W. Mulder before launching into a highly active career as a composer, writing symphonies, ballets, and myriad chamber works. Lotichius eventually found himself unhappy with the direction classical music was taking and even less able to appreciate the sounds being made by the avant-garde, so he turned to jazz and popular music, which gave him a new lease on his musical life.

Vladimir Lande


In 2008, Lande was appointed principal guest conductor of the St. Petersburg State Symphony, and in 2011 he led the orchestra on a 24-concert "Tour of the Americas” including New York’s Alice Tully Hall, Boston’s Symphony Hall, Philadelphia’s KimmelCenter, Baltimore’s Meyerhoff Hall, and the Society of the Performing Arts in Houston, as well as the most prestigious venues in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay.