Howard Quilling
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Clayton Hoener, violin; Hannah Shields, piano
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra | Jan Kucera, conductor; Zbigniew Kaleta, alto saxophone
Amy Barlowe, violin; Bruce McIntosh, cello; James Cook, piano

DEDICATION, a compilation of newly recorded works by composer Howard Quilling, features two sonatas for violin and piano, a suite for saxophone and wind orchestra, and a trio for violin, cello, and piano.

The album's centerpiece, the Suite for Alto Saxophone and Wind Orchestra, brings a sense of accomplishment and happiness to the composer when he speaks about it. Says Quilling, "It is one of my best and very favorite pieces. I wrote it in 1970, and I still keep coming back to it...after all this time I still think it's quite a good piece." The piece has five movements, which are contrasting. They are: Prelude, a march-like introduction; Pastoral, smooth and romantic; Scherzo, fast and lively; Song, a melody-driven diversion; and Finale, a brilliant, fast, energetic culmination. "There was no attempt to use related materials or to introduce programmatic elements," says Mr. Quilling.

Quilling has written over 200 compositions, including works for orchestra, symphonic band, various chamber ensembles, chorus, solo vocal, and solo compositions for various instruments.

Visit the DEDICATION web application to access the digital booklet and study scores.

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