Release Date: September 1, 2013
Catalog #: NV5930
Format: Digital & Physical
20th Century
Stage Works

Wind Devil & Co.


Sergio Cervetti composer

WIND DEVIL & CO. is a selection of sound scores commissioned by choreographers and dance companies that were performed nationally and internationally at venues such as Berlin’s Akademie der Kunste and three Next Wave Festivals at Brooklyn Academy of Music.

WIND DEVIL & CO. was created, composed, and performed by Sergio Cervetti, and is his third Navona release. The music, termed “DancElectronics” by the composer, is evocative and austere yet simultaneously whimsical and playful. “This Music reflects [Cervetti’s] intimate and extensive collaboration with the world of dance as a composer favors by many experimental dancers.” (The New York Times).

The title track, “Wind Devil,” premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1983. In a contemporary review The Village Voice‘s Deborah Jowitt stated that “by the time Thompson and Grunewald begin a loving, playful duet, [Cervetti’s] music acquires sonorities that make me think of Aaron Copland’s open ‘American’ sound. And I suddenly see the robust duet as celebrating both the intimate spaces between lovers and the vastness of the terrain around them, like a latter day version of the duet in Graham’s Appalachian Spring.”

The seven works vary from layered improvisation to traditionally composed pieces that include beat-driven and narrative dance to panoramas of sound, an aural snapshot of the cutting edge dance boom in New York City with its mosaic of techniques and styles from modern dance pioneers to their post modern descendants. The electronic scores also counterbalance Cervetti’s impressive instrumental and vocal output such as heard on the Navona Records albums NAZCA (2012) and KEYBOARD3 (2013).


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Track Listing & Credits

# Title Composer Performer
01 Wind Devil: I. Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 5:42
02 Wind Devil: II. Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 2:36
03 Wind Devil: III. Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 3:23
04 Wind Devil: IV. Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 5:00
05 Night Trippers: Fairies in America Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 1:54
06 Night Trippers: Oberon's Puck Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 2:14
07 Night Trippers: Awake Titania Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 2:20
08 Cantata 84: Intergalactic Tango Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 3:35
09 In Closed Time Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 14:01
10 Out of the Rolling Ocean: Opening Swell Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 3:00
11 Requiem Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 5:10
12 40 Second/42nd Variations: Computer Cabaletta Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 4:21
13 40 Second/42nd Variations: Tango Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 4:33
14 40 Second/42nd Variations: Quod Libet, 42nd Song Sergio Cervetti Sergio Cervetti 5:01

Cover Art: Dancer Logo and Dancing figures incorporated in album cover art by Charles Golden. Copyright © and used by permission.

All works produced, created, performed, recorded and engineered by Sergio Cervetti.

Album mastered by Glenn Barratt; Piano/42nd Song recorded, mixed and mastered by Glenn Barratt at MorningStar Studios, East Norriton PA. 1/24/2013 & 1/31/2013

All content used by permission from the institutions, organizations, photographers, and artists whose work is featured.

Video documentation of these works is archived at the New York Public Library’s Dance Collection/Dance Theater Workshop Permanent Archives, the BAM/Next Wave Video Archive for Contemporary Performing Arts, and the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute of Ohio State University.

All works Copyright © Sergio Cervetti Music.

Executive Producer Bob Lord

A&R Sam Renshaw, Renée Dupuis

Assistant Producer Renée Dupuis
Product Manager Jeff LeRoy
Additional Mastering Shaun Michaud

Art Direction Brett Picknell
Graphic Designer Ryan Harrison
PR Coordinator Ariel Oxaal

Artist Information

Sergio Cervetti


Sergio Cervetti left his native Uruguay in 1962 to study composition in the United States. In 1966 he attracted international attention when he won the chamber music prize at the Caracas, Venezuela Music Festival. After studying with Ernst Krenek and Stefan Grové and graduating from Peabody Conservatory, he was subsequently invited to be Composer-in-Residence in Berlin, Germany in 1969-70.



40 Second / 42nd Variations (excerpt)

Sergio Cervetti