Michael K. Slayton
Ken Steen
Stephen Michael Gryc
Ryan Jesperson
Margaret Collins Stoop
Elizabeth R. Austin

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Evan Mack, piano; Avery Ensemble | Annie Trépanier, violin; Hans Twitchell, cello; Adriana Jarvis, piano; Gróa Margrét Valdimarsdóttir, violin; Ryan Ford, contrabass; Allen Brings, piano; Jerome Reed, piano; Elizabeth R. Austin, reciter

Continuing the mission of the original Capstone Records series by the Connecticut Composers, Inc., this debut Navona Records release of the same name, SPECTRA, highlights six contemporary composers from northeastern United States, who reflect the diversity and progression of today's music.

The album showcases pieces by composers of Connecticut Composers, Inc.: Droyßiger Wald, by Michael K. Slayton, represents a life of simplicity in a small town outside of Leipzig, Germany. Ken Steen's piece for piano trio, re: Moon in the Afternoon, is a musical responsorial to a single chapter in Italo Calvino's novel Mr. Palomar. Stephen Michael Gryc's elegy for his father, deep-diving loon, takes its name from dervish Yunus Emre, who says a deep-diving loon "represents that individual who is willing to completely immerse himself in the mysteries of life and be transformed." The fast and aggressive piece BA(da)SS by Ryan Jesperson was written for bassist Ryan Ford and is an exercise in using techniques of repetition and double natural harmonics. A suite of five movements, Time Pieces by Margaret Collins Stoop explores various applications and portrayals of the word 'time' while Rose Sonata by Elizabeth R. Austin explores imagery of the rose, quoting a theme from Brahms' Intermezzo No. 2 as well as poetry from Rilke, William Carlos Williams, and Goethe.

Visit the SPECTRA web application to access the digital booklet, extended liner notes, and more.

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