Release Date: November 11, 2014
Catalog #: NV5978
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
Solo Instrumental
Piano Trio

Sound and Fury

Chamber Music Of Paul Osterfield

Paul Osterfield composer

The Blakemore Trio | Carolyn Huebl violin; Felix Wang cello; Amy Dorfman piano;
Caleb Harris piano; Michael Jorgensen violin; Andrea Dawson violin; Angela DeBoer horn; Lynn Rice-See piano

From the serenity of the Smoky Mountains to the abstraction and boldness of Kandinsky’s paintings, composer Paul Osterfield’s debut solo Navona Records album SOUND AND FURY pulls inspiration from several experiences which the composer translates into refined, stimulating, and expressive chamber pieces.

Osterfield writes many of his pieces for particular performers and ensembles, giving his music unique personalities that reflect the virtuosic capabilities of the musicians. Sound and Fury, written for the Blakemore Trio, uses ornate passages and driving rhythms with soaring lyrical melodies, while Etudes for Piano, Book 1, written for pianist Caleb Harris, demonstrates various technical faculties such as parallel chords, syncopated rhythms, and blazing strings of notes. Works such as Smoky Mountain Autumn and Kandinsky Images depict the imagery of the natural landscapes of East Tennessee and the intense, often dark, and striking expressions of the painter’s pieces.

Paul Osterfield is Professor of Music at Middle Tennessee State University, having earned degrees from Cornell University, Indiana University, and the Cleveland Institute of Music.


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Artist Information

Paul Osterfield


Composer Paul Osterfield was born in Nashville TN in 1973. Spending his formative years in Northeast Ohio, he composed and performed as a cellist throughout middle school and high school, in addition to studying violin, piano, and conducting. His early efforts as a composer were recognized in 1990, when the United States Copyright Office and the Library of Congress awarded Osterfield first prize in their Young Creators’ Contest. The following year, that winning work was performed by the Cleveland Orchestra on their Family Key Concert Series.