Johann Sebastian Bach
Release Date: March 10, 2015

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Kimiko Ishizaka, Piano

In the world of J.S. Bach, music was considered transcendent, serving a purpose beyond earthly desires. It was used to explore and answer questions of human existence, including love, death, happiness, and divinity. For a performer, reflecting on these subjects accurately means immersing oneself in every aspect of the music. Navona Records presents THE WELL-TEMPERED CLAVIER, BOOK 1 performed by award-winning pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, whose interpretations are singular to this repertoire. From the clarity of sound and balanced articulations to the seriousness and emotional depth, Ishizaka commits herself to the virtues of transparency, passion, and intellect.

Regarded as "a gifted and obviously devoted Bachian" by the New York Times, Ishizaka studied the notes and phrases of Bach's solo keyboard works in a systematic manner in order to discover an interpretation which adheres to the strictures of the great composer's writing. On the analysis of Bach's music, Ishizaka says, "Each voice should be clear, independent, and consistent from start to finish. Each voice should have its own phrasing and dynamics that are logical to its narrative." Furthermore, the pianist eschews the pedal for the benefit of lucidity and precision, while achieving cantabile lyricism and fluid passagework through superior technique and control.

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