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Release Date: January 8, 2016

Catalog #: NV6022





Daniel Perttu


Daniel Perttu, bassoon; Nancy DeSalvo, piano

I. Maestoso

II. Lento

III. Presto


Hans Bakker


Lucie Kaucká, piano; Vit Mužík, violin


Leys III

Cora Greevenbosch, flute; Andrea Bentivoglio, violin; Pedro Campo, guitar


Hortus Conclusus

Ludmila Bubeníčková, cello; Lucie Kaucká, piano


Steven Block

5 PLAINCHANTS for Clarinet

Keith Lemmons, clarinet

I. Sahmolasen Tone 4: A Clarinet

II. Sahmolasen Tone 3: Bb Clarinet

III. Podoben Tone 4: Bb Bass Clarinet

IV. Bolhar Tone 5: Bb Clarinet

V. Podoben Tone 2: A Clarinet


Peter Greve

Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano

Yhasmin Valenzuela, clarinet; Leo Eguchi, cello; Karolina Rojahn, piano

I. Day and night at Het Bergelt

II. Reflection (Passacaglia)

III. Dance


Kevin M. Walczyk

A Goodbye Too Soon

James Blachly, conductor; Diane Baxter, piano












Navona Records presents PINNACLE, a compilation of contemporary chamber works by composers Hans Bakker, Steven Block, Peter Greve, Daniel Perttu, and Kevin M. Walczyk that highlight the melodic, emotive, and dramatic styles offered by some of today’s chamber music.


Hans Bakker offers three works: Brenne for piano and violin introduces a musical mantra in a repeated hymn-like melody, while Leys III for flute, violin and guitar also uses a short hymn-like melody yet in a different setting and style than the former work. Hortus Conclusus, meaning “enclosed garden,” is, as the composer states, a “metaphor for the innermost self of every human being” in which a key to the enclosure is hidden inside. Steven Block’s 5 Plainchants for Clarinet delivers meditative pieces that are freely derived from Byzantine Rite tradition of the late 19th century, allowing the passages to flow in a manner that emulates the cantorial practice in which chanting imitates speech and song rhythms.


Peter Greve’s Trio for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano is written in memoriam of a friend and illustrates the different aspects of her outgoing personality, celebrating her love for nature, philosophy, and altruism. Daniel Perttu’s work The Storr of Trotternish is a musical reaction inspired by the dramatic scenery of the rocky peaks on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. A Goodbye Too Soon by Kevin M. Walczyk takes its name and inspiration from a poem written by Dr. Paul Baxter that laments the death of a friend, and whose formal structure, expression, and empathetic meaning guides the composer’s iteration.



This album features a web-application which features liner notes, composer biographies, study scores, and more:




Bakker’s work have been featured on the Navona releases THE UNNAMED SOURCE (2010), SLICES (2012), SEEKING & FINDING (2012), and DANCES OF ETERNITY (2013). He has composed music for chorus, various chamber ensembles, carillon, and orchestra


Block’s work has been featured on the Navona compilations FIRE & TIME (2012) and ELEMENTS RISING (2015). His compositions have been performed worldwide including performances in Australia, Paris, and Poland. His articles as a music theorist and music critic have appeared in such journals and magazines as Perspectives of New Music, Music Theory Spectrum, The Journal of Music Theory, The Annual Review of Jazz Studies, and High Fidelity


Greve studied at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, where he obtained a Master of Science and Ph.D. in chemistry. After his studies, he worked as a scientific researcher in pharmaceutical and Dutch governmental institutes, and as a consultant for various international organizations. Since his retirement in 2002, he has dedicated himself to fulfilling his dream of working as a full-time musician, composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist


Daniel Perttu’s music has been performed in Europe, Asia, South America, and throughout the United States.  His work has been featured on the Navona releases LIGHT AND SHADOW (2011), LOCK AND KEY (2012), and FOUNDATIONS (2014).  Critics have recognized the “modal strains [in his music] that recall the works of … Ralph Vaughan Williams and Ernest Bloch;” have characterized it as “blending mystery, action, and excitement;” and have praised it as being “fantastic” and “superb.”   His music has been published by Editions Musica Ferrum, (Gerakas, Greece) as well as BRS Music, Inc. (Indianapolis) and Dorn Publications (Boston)


Walczyk was nominated for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Music and the 2012 Grawemeyer Award, and has won the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble’s Harvey Gaul Prize and the National Band Association’s William D. Revelli Composition Award, among others







Navona Records offers listeners a fresh taste of today's leading innovators in orchestral, chamber, instrumental, and experimental music as well as prime pieces of classic repertoire. Our music is meticulously performed by the finest musicians and handpicked to ensure the most rewarding listening experience.

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