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Release Date: February 12, 2016

Catalog #: NV6023






Arcadian Winds | Vanessa Holroyd, flute; Jane Harrison, oboe;

Rane Moore, clarinet; Fred Aldrich, horn; Janet Underhill, bassoon


I. Exotic Birds

II. Exotic Snakes and Lizards

III. Exotic Cats


SONATA FOR PIANO   Richard Campanelli

Karolina Rojahn, piano

I. Moderato

II. Slow, lyrical, introspective

III. Forceful, driven


FANTASY for Viola Solo   David Nisbet Stewart

Peter Sulski, viola


GUSTS  Paula Diehl

Chiharu Naruse, piano


Nocturne: Inversions   Jason R. Lovelace

Karolina Rojahn, Piano


Covering  Mel Mobley

Karolina Rojahn, piano; Kevin Owen, French horn;

David William Ross, electric guitar







Navona Records presents FIGMENTS, a compilation of eclectic contemporary works for chamber ensemble that highlight the dramatic, the mysterious, and the inventive through diverse instrument combinations and use of extended techniques. The album features music by composers Mark Dal Porto, Richard Campanelli, David Nisbet Stewart, Paula Diehl, Jason R. Lovelace, and Mel Mobley.


Mark Dal Porto’s Exotic Animals Suite illustrates an array of wildlife, from the lively call of birds, to the slithering of snakes, to the power and agility of big cats. Sonata for Piano by Richard Campanelli is a balanced three-movement work that explores the colors and tonal possibilities of the piano, whose darker second movement is a nod to Bartók’s Night music. David Nisbet Stewart highlights the rich timbre and textures of the solo viola in his Fantasy, which glides along from slow to fast and back again with dramatic passages of perpetual motion and wide leaps across the instrument’s strings. Gusts by Paula Diehl is a window into the composer’s exploration of her own system of composition called Separation, which uses overlapping 4ths as the working intervals, gradually separating them in phases until total separation is achieved. Nocturne: Inversions by Jason Lovelace portrays the atmospheric event known as a temperature inversion, a reversal in temperature layers of the atmosphere, which culminates in a storm of meter shifts, dissonance, and thickening textures. Mel Mobley’s Covering combines the electric guitar, horn, and piano to create an integrated piece that bridges the gap between the contrasting forces of the guitar and horn, supported by the stability of the piano.




In 2015, Mark Dal Porto was awarded certificates of excellence in band, choral, and orchestral composition from The American Prize organization. He was also awarded first prize (from over 140 entries from around the world) in the CODA (College Orchestra Director’s Association) 2013 International Composition Contest for his orchestral work Song of Eternity, which is featured on the Navona compilation DANCES OF ETERNITY (2013)


Richard Campanelli has won several awards, include the Holtkamp Prize for new organ music, a Ludwig Vogelstein grant, yearly ASCAP awards, a Marimolin Prize for a new work for violin and marimba, a Charles Ives Scholarship and a Goddard Lieberson Fellowship from the American Academy of Arts & Letters, and several Michigan Council for the Arts grants


David Nisbet Stewart’s Fantasy for solo viola was premiered in 2015 and performed by violist Peter Sulski in Worcester MA. Stewart is a composer, pianist and organist, beginning his career in academia and migrating to computer technology in 1979. His work is featured on the Navona compilations CONVERGENCE (2012) and FOUNDATIONS (2014)


Paula Diehl’s music is written in a compositional system called Separation which she created in 1978 after her postgraduate studies at American University and Temple University, and has been developing since. The basic concept behind Separation is the gradual detachment of interlocking perfect 4th intervals through a series of phases. Her music is featured on the Navona compilations PARADIGMS (2012) and ELEMENTS RISING (2015), and CRIMSON & LACE (2015)


Jason Lovelace’s compositions have been broadcast internationally and featured in a variety of regional, national, and international concert venues. In June 2015, Lovelace performed the international premiere of Nocturne: Inversions at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki as part of the 2015 College Music Society International Conference


In 2014, Mel Mobley received the distinction of Louisiana Music Teachers Association (LMTA) Commissioned Composer of the Year. Mobley is the head of music composition and theory at the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he currently holds the Biedenharn Endowed Professorship in Music



Navona Records offers listeners a fresh taste of today's leading innovators in orchestral, chamber, instrumental, and experimental music as well as prime pieces of classic repertoire. Our music is meticulously performed by the finest musicians and handpicked to ensure the most rewarding listening experience.



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