Release Date: February 12, 2016
Catalog #: NV6027
Format: Digital & Physical
21st Century
Vocal Music


Choral Works Of Michael G. Cunningham

Michael G. Cunningham composer
Kühn Choir | Marek Vorlíček conductor

On his latest release on Navona Records, WISDOM-LOVE-ETERNITY, composer Michael G. Cunningham presents a collection of his choral works, performed by the Kühn Choir of Prague conducted by Marek Vorlíček, which explore the spiritual element of the human condition, addressing the uncertainty of death, the inexpressible emotion of love, and humans’ search for an understanding of God.

Poetry plays a significant role in many of the works in the album. Poetry from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Shakespeare, C. P. Cranch, Francesco Petrarch, Robert Herrick, Robert Burns, P. B. Shelley, and others is introduced, inspiring contemplative, dramatic, and elaborate vocal harmonies, instrumental accompaniment, and musical imagery. Some of Cunningham’s more austere writing is found in his setting of text from the Christian liturgy in works such as Come, Holy Spirit (1975) and The West Wind (1961).


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Artist Information

Michael G. Cunningham


A great artist can manifest answers to otherwise perplexing aspects of our world through their craft and help us find understanding. Composer, author, and long-time PARMA artist Michael G. Cunningham (1937-2022) was the embodiment of this truth, a prolific artist whose timeless body of work will resonate for years to come. From symphonies and other orchestral works to piano pieces, art songs, opera, choral compositions, and works for jazz ensembles spanning 11 Navona Records releases, Cunningham showed an unwavering dedication to sharing his music with the world. Upon receiving his doctorate from Indiana University, Cunningham embarked on an artistic journey that would lead him to write over 250 musical compositions spanning multiple genres, pedagogical music books, and more.

Kühn Choir of Prague


The Kühn Choir of Prague is one of the largest Czech choirs and has been part of the musical world for over 60 years. It devotes itself to the choral repertoire of all periods, and its activities include significant performances of contemporary music, performances of large vocal-instrumental works in collaboration with leading Czech orchestras and, last but not least, projects for the performance and recording of film music.