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Sergio Cervetti returns with an exciting collection of works on his sixth Navona Records release, SUNSET AT NOON.  A diverse composer, his works range from instrumental and vocal music to electronic compositions, often reflecting his South American, French and Italian heritage. His vocabulary draws from an early interest in twelve-tone and minimalism, and his current approach is flexible and free of constraint. With SUNSET AT NOON, Cervetti focuses on keyboard-based compositions for half of the album, with a foray into chamber music on the other half.


Cervetti’s keyboard compositions shine in this collection. On Ofrenda Para Guyunusa for Harpsichord, Cervetti delivers a peaceful and slightly meditative piece that very occasionally veers into Bachian territory. Some Realms I Owned is split into three piano movements – the first starts with a lively melodic line before landing on a relentless pedal point while Cervetti solos in a restrained manner; the second is the more contemplative of the three; and the third is a frantic piece featuring rapid arpeggios before settling on a more linear melodic sequence.


I Can’t Breathe, while based on a wild piano performance, centers around a pulsating rhythm that at times sounds like the fervent keys of a typewriter. The performance and composition both match the composition’s urgent title; it’s a quick burst of desperate sounds clawing their way out of the speaker, not quite two and a half minutes long.


Cervetti trades in his keyboards for clarinet and strings on And The Huddled Masses, a three-part suite, as well as Sunset At Noon, for violin and viola, a sprawling 18-minute opus that serves as the album’s grounding centerpiece. For the most part, Cervetti’s string scores deliver a more somber mood that counterbalances the upbeat and at times delirious vibe of the keyboard-based compositions.


As the sacred vocal arrangement on Lux Lucet in Tenebris closes the album, its contrast with the album’s secular pieces acts as a testament to Cervetti’s imagination and compositional fortitude. He has a keen ability to combine several different sounding compositions on one album and have it come across as a complete and congruent work. But ultimately, that is Cervetti’s strength – he is an enigmatic composer whose work knows no boundaries.




A native of Uruguay, Sergio Cervetti graduated from Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore in 1967 and was subsequently invited by the DAAD to be composer-in-residence in Berlin after winning a Caracas Festival prize for Five Episodes.


In 1972, Cervetti joined the faculty of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, where he taught music history, composition and choreography until 1997.


Cervetti’s works range from instrumental and vocal music to electronic works that often reflect his South American, French and Italian heritage. Cervetti’s musical vocabulary draws from an early interesting twelve-tone and minimalism, and his current approach is flexible and elastic.


SUNSET AT NOON is Sergio Cervetti’s sixth release on Navona Records, following TRANSITS, UNBRIDLED, WIND DEVIL & CO., KEYBOARD3, and NAZCA AND OTHER WORKS.


Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review describes Cervetti’s last album TRANSITS as a collection of “very worthwhile works…They stand out with distinction and show us his essential qualities as melodist and colorist, his rhythmic vitality and harmonically modern sophistication.”





Sergio Cervetti











Release Date: February 10, 2017

Catalog #: NV6072





Some Realms I Owned, piano (2010)

Sergio Cervetti, piano


01 I. The art of losing isn’t hard to master

02 II. ...à ceux qui ont perdu ce qui ne se retrouve jamais...

03 III. Even losing you...


And The Huddled Masses, clarinet quintet (2015)

Alden Ortuño Cabezas, clarinet; Leonardo Pérez Baster, violin I;

Luis Alberto Mariño Fernández, violin II; Yamed Aguillón Santa Cruz, viola;

Lester Monier Serrano, cello; Enrique Pérez Mesa; conductor


04 I. The Tired, the Poor, and the Huddled Masses

05 II. Hâves, déguenillés  0:00

06 III. Noemí Álvarez Quillay  0:00


07 Ofrenda Para Guyunusa, harpsichord (2011)

María Teresa Chenlo, harpsichord


Sunset At Noon, violin and viola (1995)

Vit Muzik, violin; Dominika Mužíková, viola


08 I. In Memoriam Jon Mensinger

09 II. In Memoriam Michael Aiken

10 III. In Memoriam Patrick Kelly

11 IV. Hymn, In Memoriam Drew Dreeland


12  I Can’t Breathe, piano & percussion  (2014)

Sergio Cervetti, piano


13 Lux Lucet In Tenebris, a cappella choir (2002)

Kuhn Choir  |  Marek Vorlicek, conductor




Some Realms I Owned, piano (2010)

Recorded July 14, 2010 at Sean Swinney Studios in New York, NY

Premiere August 14, 2014 by Chiharu Naruse in South Church at the

PARMA Music Festival, in Portsmouth NH

Commissioned by Allen Wilkinson Greer, Allen Curtis Greer,

Brendan Miles Greer, Joel Edwards Greer


And The Huddled Masses, clarinet quintet (2015)

Recorded April 21, 2016, 9am-3pm, at Abdala Studios,

Producciones Abdala S.A., Calle 32 No.318 Esq. a 5ta Avenida, Miramar Playa, C.  in Havana, Cuba

Session Producer Dayron Ortega


Ofrenda Para Guyunusa, harpsichord (2011)

Recorded May 2014 at Taller de Ruidos in Madrid, Spain

Recording & Mastering by Manuel Gama,

Jr. A Dulcken Harpsichord, Antwerp, 1745

Copy constructed by Carol and Antonio de la Herran in 1984

Premiere November 30, 2012 by María Teresa Chenlo in Sala Verdi in Montevideo, Uruguay presented by Juventudes Musicales


Sunset At Noon, violin and viola (1995)

Recorded June 22, 2016 in Olomouc, Czech Republic,

Premiere June 27, 1996 by Israel Chorberg, violin, and Harold Coletta, viola, at the Christoph Landon Gallery, 1926 Broadway, in NYC

Presented by Artmusic


I Can’t Breathe, piano & percussion  (2014)

Recorded August 15, 2014 at composer’s studio 212 East Court Street,

in Doylestown PA

Remastered by Glenn Baratt, August 7, 2016 Morningstar Studios,

East Norriton PA


Lux Lucet In Tenebris, a cappella choir (2002)

Recorded June 30, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic

Session Producer Vit Micka

Premiere March 25, 2006 during the Centennial Celebration of the American Waldensian Society at Rutgers Presbyterian Church in New York City sung by the Rutgers Presbyterian Church Choir

Text Gospel of St. John 1:1-7


Some Realms I Owned is In Memoriam Nancy Carroll Greer 1929-2009


And the Huddled Masses is Dedicated to The Tired, the Poor, and the

Huddled Masses and is In Memoriam Noemí Álvarez Quillay 2002-2014


Ofrenda para Guyunusa is Dedicated to María Teresa Chenlo


Sunset at Noon is In Memoriam Jon Mensinger 1957-1994, Michael Aiken 1947-1995, Patrick Kelly 1953-1993, Drew Dreeland 1947-1995


I Can’t Breathe is To the Memory of Eric Garner 1970-2014


Lux Lucet in Tenebris is In Memoriam Sofía Guigou-Cervetti 1905-1989


The composer wishes to express his gratitude to Allen Greer and his sons

Curtis, Brendan, and Joel; and to all the generous contributors who have

supported his work and this project. He would also like to thank all the

musicians and the PARMA Team for the Havana, Cuba experience, and for their collaboration producing this Navona album.


Sergio Cervetti’s work is available at The Arthur Friedheim Library and Archives at The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University.


Video documentation of Sergio Cervetti’s music and dance collaborations is archived at the New York Public Library’s Dance Collection/Dance Theater

Workshop Permanent Archives, the BAM/Next Wave Video Archive for

Contemporary Performing Arts, and the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute of Ohio State University.


Photo of Sergio Cervetti by Pirjo-Leena Bauer


All works © Sergio Cervetti Music.



Executive Producer Bob Lord

Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

Audio Director Jeff LeRoy

Art & Production Director Brett Picknell

Graphic Design Ryan Harrison

Marketing Scott Murphy




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