Alejandro Rutty


With EXHALING SPACE, Alejandro Rutty and his cast of remarkable performers create one hour of fresh, captivating music combining Latin and world music styles with the classical tradition. With tracks like the futuristic tango Martian Milonga and the meditative More Music for Examining and Buying Merchandise, Rutty composes the album like a breathing exercise, taking in an anxious pace in one movement, and then in the next, letting the melodies exhale gently through the piece.


The North Carolina-based composer is renowned for his original blend of South American styles, astonishing rhythms, and lyrical melodies with powerful evocative intensity. Rutty’s compositions explore ambitious philosophical queries ranging from the break-neck swells of excitement to the calm delicacy of wonder.


EXHALING SPACE gracefully navigates experimentation and tradition. Works like Transparent Sun interweave piano and violin beautifully, building tension between the two instruments into an engaging conflict like staging a debate within your mind. The title track also inhabits a classically-infused world, yet the rhythms weave in South American tropes as if they were transported into a fourth dimension.


Simply put, EXHALING SPACE is not merely a background soundtrack to your day. Allow yourself to give in to its demand for attention; your breath will be taken away.



Release Date: March 9, 2018

Catalog #: NV6145

Format: Digital and CD


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