Exhaling Space, for string quartet

Written for the Carlos Chávez String Quartet


Following NASA's release of images of Saturn's moon Enceladus sending plumes into space, or "exhaling", Exhaling Space explores various metaphors about the space where celestial bodies breathe, and also about the intimate act of our own breathing.



Transparent Sun, for violin and piano

Written for Fabián López and Inara Zandmane


Intensity, vibrancy and overwhelming energy -a sun- and faintness, or that which concedes all pretensions of totally occupying a visual space -transparency-. Or, a translucent, clean sphere holding prisoner a core of explosive intensity. That is Transparent Sun.



As You Say, for 2 violins and wind instrument

A conversation with the nods, the buts, the ifs…



Martian Milonga

Martian Milonga  is a new arrangement of Alejandro Rutty’s “A Future of Tango” –part III- originally written as a concerto for saxophone quartet and orchestra.  The piece explores possible appearances of Argentine Tango in the popular culture of the years 2045, 2098 and 2145. Each of the movements presents a scenario with probable realities: Part I - mind transfer (2045), Part II - holographic theatre (2098) and Part III - a Mars colony (2145). A Future of Tango imagines the musical context in which these styles may appear. In them, there are references within tango, but also rock, funk, dance-electronica, world music, and electronic sound-processing.



More Music For Examining and Buying Merchandise, for solo instrument and electronics

Actual music for examining and buying merchandise -shopping- is ubiquitously played as background, where sound is designed to encourage spending. As such, the purpose of music is mood regulation and behavior control.


This piece, which has as its only purpose to be listened to, paraphrases -from a distance- some of the features of music designed for mood-control.



Guitars, for two clarinets and electronics

Clarinets believing to be guitars.



Cantabile Hop, for piano and small ensemble

Cantabile Hop, written for pianist Vincent Van Gelder, is a chamber-sized piano concerto, integrating World Music, Electronica, Funk and the classical tradition into a continuous cantabile groove.



Qualia, for piano

Seeing the color red or experiencing the taste of coffee, for example, are subjective qualitative characters of sensation, and we cannot fully explain how they feel. Qualia is the philosophical term for these subjective, non-transferable "what is it like" experiences.


The musical narrative of this piece implies a “sensation” of the discourse instead of an assertion. The pianist is confronted with “qualia-inducing” commentary printed on the score, and perhaps those fleeting experiences of the pianist could fly around the hall and be carried along with the music. Perhaps we, in the audience, could experience them exactly in the same way.


CONNECT with Alejandro Rutty



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