Symphonic Poem — The Passing


The live version on this album was revised and re-recorded at the same time of the performance of this concert in  January 2016. Both 1st and 2nd editions are available from the publisher Wirripang — Home of Australian Composers. Primarily the only difference between the two versions is in orchestration. The original was recorded in December 2013 by the Janáček Philharmonic and is on my album Affirmations & Aspirations.


The Passing is a Symphonic Poem expressing the painful life process of letting go of old ideas. This is something we all have to experience. As they say, the most constant thing in life is change, but it’s not necessarily a comfortable process. That in essence is what I’m trying to express in this work.


This live album contains the the 2nd edition version.



Symphonic Suite  No. 1 — A Modern Medieval Tale


In  the  time  of  human  existence, much has changed  except  human  nature. The story that unfolds here  in Symphonic Suite No. 1 and continues in Symphonic Suite No. 2 is set in medieval times. We can relate to the struggles “musically presented” here because they are so similar and familiar, and outcomes seem also the same.


The whole point of this first Symphonic Suite performed here and its sequel, Symphonic Suite No. 2, is to express the fact that humanity is chained to the flaws in human nature and seems incapable  of  change. One lives in hope that we can grow and change; however, I’m not holding my breath.


I wish to point out too that the composer included himself in this struggle or hopeless state of affairs. We all have the same set of demons to battle against, including the merry-go-round of life and its  repeated set of outcomes. At least it’s not boring, even if our own failings will eventually be the seeds of  our own destruction. However, it does make for a good subject to compose about.


Apart from the performance on this album, Symphonic Suite No. 1 & 2 were also performed by the Ruse Philharmonic in Bulgaria, conducted by Nayden Todorov.


— Mark John McEncroe




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