Danube Rhapsody is a monumental four-movement piece, composed for symphony orchestra and piano, which is based on the folklore of Danubian countries and features certain Croatian traditional instruments. The Danube River flows through 10 countries, more than any other river in the world. Rivers flow and connect different nations, just as these three Rhapsodies connect three vastly different parts of the world.


Chinese Rhapsody is inspired by four traditional Chinese melodies. It is a one-movement piece that employs traditional Chinese instruments alongside a Western orchestra and celebrates both cultures equally.


New England Rhapsody is a three-movement composition for piano and symphony orchestra, written and dedicated to PARMA Recordings. The second movement, "Poco a poco," was written 30 years ago, when the composer was 19, and it was the first score ever written by Meštrović. In that time, he composed "Poco a poco" as a second movement for his piano concerto and never played it in public. 30 years later, "Poco a poco" is now the second movement for the New England Rhapsody.


The recording of all three Rhapsodies was supported by HDS — Croatian Composers Society, as part of an international grant.





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