Track listing



The arc in the sky


I. Jazz

01 why did they all shout  3:53

02 there are not many songs  5:27

03 Cherubim & Palm-Trees  9:47


II. Praise

04 I want to write a book of praise 4:45

05 The light of the afternoon is on the houses 5:54

06 Psalm  7:15


III. Arc

07 Jerusalem  6:53

08 I would stand and watch them  9:55

09 The Arc  12:02




Katy Avery1  .  Nathaniel Barnett  .  Jessica Beebe

Julie Bishop  .  Kelly Ann Bixby  .  Karen Blanchard *

Steven Bradshaw  .  Colin Dill  .  Micah Dingler

Robert Eisentrout  .  Ryan Fleming  .  Joanna Gates

Dimitri German1  .  Steven Hyder  .  Michael Jones1

Heather Kayan  .  Heidi Kurtz  .  Maren Montalbano

Rebecca Myers  .  Rebecca Oehlers  .  Daniel Schwartz

Rebecca Siler  .  Daniel Spratlan  .  Elisa Sutherland1, 2

Jason Weisinger


1 soloist on mvt 3

2 soloist on mvt 8

* sponsored by board member Beth Van de Water


Donald Nally Conductor

John Grecia Keyboards

Kevin Vondrak Assistant Conductor & Artistic Associate

Hunter Gregory, Conner Newkam-Ulrich, Jeremy Edelstein Production Assistants

Jonathan Bradley Executive Director

Alexandra McFadden Operations Manager

Mitchell Bloom Grant Manager

Elizabeth Dugan Bookkeeper

Ryan Strand Administrative Assistant


The Crossing is represented by Alliance Artist Management


The Arc in the Sky was commissioned by The Crossing with major support from an anonymous donor.


We are grateful for:

our artists, composers, audience, friends, and supporters;

the staff and congregation at our home, The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill;

those who open their homes to our artists: Rev. Cindy Jarvis, David and Rebecca Thornburgh, Jeff and Liz Podraza, Colin Dill, Rebecca Siler, Corbin Abernathy and Andrew Beck, Steven Hyder and Donald Nally, and James Reese.




The Arc in the Sky was recorded June 23, 24,

and 25, 2018 at the High Point, St. Peter’s Church

in the Great Valley, Malvern PA

Recording Producer Adrian Peacock

Recording Engineer Paul Vazquez

Editing Adrian Peacock & Will Brown

Mixing Paul Vazquez

Mastering Will Brown


The Board of Directors of The Crossing

Steven Bradshaw

Micah Dingler

Tuomi Forrest - Vice President

Joanna Gates

Mary D. Hangley

Cynthia A. Jarvis

Mary Kinder Loiselle

Michael M. Meloy

Donald Nally

Eric Owens

Pam Prior - Treasurer

Kim Shiley - President

Carol Loeb Shloss - Secretary

John Slattery

Elizabeth Van de Water



Cover image:

Nine Passages From a Gift of Sorrow:

Passage Number One-The Arc

ink on paper, 30”x22” 2019


Other images:

Nine Passages From a Gift of Sorrow:

Passage Number Five-The Messenger

ink on paper, 30”x22” 2019


Nine Passages From a Gift of Sorrow:

Passage Number Nine-She Swam in White

ink on paper, 30”x22” 2019


Christopher St. John




Executive Producer Bob Lord


Executive A&R Sam Renshaw

A&R Director Brandon MacNeil


VP, Audio Production Jeff LeRoy

Audio Director Lucas Paquette


VP, Design & Marketing Brett Picknell

Art Director Ryan Harrison


Publicity Patrick Niland, Sara Warner



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