Lachlan Skipworth

Hailed by The Australian as possessing a “rare gift as a melodist” and by Limelight as expressing “both exquisite delicacy and tremendous power,”  Australian composer Lachlan Skipworth writes across the mediums of orchestral, chamber, vocal, and experimental music. His vivid musical language is colored by three years spent in Japan where his immersion in the study of the shakuhachi bamboo flute inevitably became a part of his muse. This is immediately evident in Skipworth’s major orchestral work of 2018, Breath of Thunder, for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Japanese drumming group Taikoz, and shakuhachi grand master Riley Lee. However, it was winning the prestigious Paul Lowin Prize for orchestral composition two years earlier which truly established Skipworth’s reputation, leading to a string of major commissions and Skipworth’s appointment as composer-in-residence with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. In 2015, Skipworth co-founded Intercurrent, a new music performance project presenting contemporary chamber music with a goal to highlight cutting-edge musicianship and works of compelling artistic vision.




Sparkling with virtuosity, the works on this album enjoy interpretation by an impressive cast of performers. International stars Bella Hristova, Umberto Clerici and Aleksandar Madžar came together for this premiere performance of the Piano Trio at the 2015 Musica Viva Festival in Sydney, delivering the power and nuance of the work in emphatic style. Skipworth’s own ensemble Intercurrent appear in The Night Sky Fall and the work that shares the ensemble’s name. The members of this vibrant trio (Ashley William Smith, Louise Devenish, and Emily Green-Armytage) shine as renowned performers whose work resonates far beyond the isolation of their home in Perth. The Clarinet Quintet and the Piano Quartet have received vivid readings by a circle of players close to Skipworth for whom chamber music provides essential nourishment to their roles in the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

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